Thursday, 31 January 2008

Is Michael Beasley better than Kevin Durant?

After Kevin Durant rampaged through the Big 12 as a freshman, most people (myself included) assumed that we probably wouldn't be seeing anything like that again for a while. But it is possible that we are seeing something even better just one year later? Is Michael Beasley better than Kevin Durant was?

Looking at the sheer numbers, it's a tough call. Durant averaged 25.8 PPG and 11.1 RPG last year as a freshman, numbers that were difficult for me to comprehend. Well, though he still has a ways to go before this season is over, Beasley has nearly identical numbers - 25.3 PPG and 12.4 RPG.

Looking more closely, one thing jumps out at me - Beasley is a much more efficient scorer. Kevin Durant could score in basically every way imaginable, but the percentages give the edge to Beasley. Durant shot 47.2% from the field, 40.4% from the 3-point line, and 81.6% from the FT line. Michael Beasley is shooting 56.2% from the field, 43.5% from downtown, and 74% from the stripe. Edge goes to Durant at the FT line, but there's a large edge for Beasley in the other areas.

Next, I think Beasley is a better rebounder than Durant. The numbers say things are close... Beasley averages about 1.3 more rebounds per game than Durant did last year. However, I think Durant relied a lot more on his wingspan and athleticism to grab rebounds, which isn't really treating him so well at the next level. On the contrary, Beasley has incredible instincts, quickness, and positioning when rebounding. I think this will cause him to be a better rebounder at the next level than Durant.

Defensively, I give the edge to Durant. The freakish wingspan that helped him be such a good rebounder also helps him defensively. He is able to get in the passing lane, and block more shots. Beasley is a solid defender with his athleticism, but I think Durant has more potential in that area.

All in all, it's great to be able to see such talented players, both of whom put (and are putting) up absurd numbers in the Big 12 as freshmen. Who will be better in the long run? I'm not sure. But looking at the numbers and looking at their games, I think Michael Beasley has been the superior college player so far. Let's see if he can lead Kansas St. further than the Longhorns got last March.

Your thoughts? Who is better?

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Thursday Debate: Midseason NBA MVP

We are about at the midway point of the NBA season, which means it's time for the ultimately worthless midseason awards. I'm going to focus on the MVP race, because I think it's the most interesting, and ultimately that is what matters.

Let's start off with apologies to guys like Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan, Chauncey Billups, Dirk Nowitzki, and Carlos Boozer, who just miss the cut. Here are the top 5, in inverse order:

5. Dwight Howard (Orlando) - He has taken his game to a completely new level this season on both sides of the ball. With 2.6 blocks per game, he is a threat defensively at the basket. Offensively, he has developed an efficient, and explosive post game, using his incredible quickness in the post. Plus, at age 22 he is the best rebounder alive, using his instincts and athleticism to grab nearly 15 rebounds per game.

4. Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles) - People often refer to Kobe as the best player in the world, but I'm not sure that's the case anymore. He seems to have lost a little bit of the athleticism after the knee surgery. But people don't give him enough credit for his craftiness and smarts scoring the basketball. While a guy like LeBron James relies on his athleticism sometimes to score, Kobe scores in a number of ways. He is quick on the post, great with fadeaways, and just crafty when he gets the ball down low. The shooting percentage is down a little bit, and he is not getting to the FT line as much as he has in past years (again, a sign that he may have lost a little explosiveness and is not going to the basket as much), but he's still obviously one of the 2 most dangerous offensive players in the NBA.

3. Kevin Garnett (Boston) - Looking at the Celtics record is enough to see the impact that KG has had. The counting stats are down a bit this year, but there are reasons for that. He is not playing quite as many minutes, and he is simply deferring to teammates more. With talented guys around him, KG does not have to force things... of course, he has adapted his game seamlessly, showing the unselfishness of his game. He is taking only good shots... he is shooting the ball 4 less times per game than he was last year, and his shooting percentage has skyrocketed from 47.6% to 55.1%. Add in the world-class defense, and KG is #3 on my MVP list.

2. Chris Paul (New Orleans) - Yes, the most underappreciated player in the NBA. People need to see how good Chris Paul is. It's difficult to appreciate how good he has been in leading the Hornets to their blistering 32-12 start. He scores efficiently (48% shooting, 35% 3's, 89% FT), and is a fantastic passer, doling out over 10 assists per game. For being 6'0, he is a great rebounder, snagging 4 per game. Defensively, he might have the quickest hands of anyone in the NBA, getting 2.6 steals per game. He is the premier PG in the NBA.

1. LeBron James (Cleveland) - The best, most athletic player in the NBA. To say that LeBron James is the most athletic player in the game hardly does him justice... it really is like a man among boys, at times. He is the quickest player in the league off the dribble, one of the fastest up the court, and the highest leaper. Oh yeah, and he's the best and strongest finisher at the hoop in the NBA, with a greater skill of getting 3-point plays. Add in the fact that he's a great passer and is becoming a great defender, and it's hard not to see him deserving this award every year for a while. He may not be a consistent outside shooter yet (and maybe never will be), but he more than makes up for that by being so incredibly outstanding in every other facet of the game.

Your thoughts? Who is your first half MVP?

Who is the Midseason NBA MVP?
LeBron James
Chris Paul
Kevin Garnett
Kobe Bryant
Dwight Howard

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Lo Siento

Sorry, I've been a little under the weather the past couple of days, which is why I haven't posted. Plus, my disposition is not being helped by the fact that it's about -40 windchill right now (maybe even colder).

But anyway, I've got what could be a fairly interesting post (wait, aren't they all interesting?)(hmmm....) planned for tomorrow, so check back then!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Who is the best Mid-Major?

One of the best parts of college basketball is the Mid-Major... the teams that seem to come out of nowhere (mostly because people don't know a lot about them) to make major impacts in March. Now it's time to assess who is the best among them. For the purposes of this post, I am included all teams that are not in a BCS Conference and are not Memphis. The candidates are:

Butler - I've written about them before, but I love watching these guys play. Fundamentally, they're excellent. They're unselfish with the ball, don't turn it over, and shoot the ball well from downtown. They're not athletic (other than Mike Green), but the aforementioned attributes allow them to compete with anyone.

Xavier - Their domination of Dayton seems to establish them as the team to beat in the A-10 (if they weren't already). They're deep, experienced, and very well-balanced. They have 6 guys that score between 10.2 and 12.0 PPG, which is pretty remarkable. With Drew Lavendar's steady hand at PG, they can play any tempo.

St. Mary's - Has Gonzaga's reign over the WCC ended? Perhaps. They've got solid wins over Drake, Oregon, and San Diego St., which will help come Tourney seeding time. You've probably heard of frosh Patrick Mills by now, but if not, you should. Diamon Simpson provides a presence down low.

Drake - They're not extremely talented or athletic, but they just play very well together. They turn the ball over just 13 times per game, and shoot the ball efficiently. They don't really have any overly impressive victories, which makes it hard to know just how good they are, but as of this writing they're 17-1, which isn't too bad.

Dayton - They've lost 2 in a row, but they still stand at 14-3 right now. They're led by senior Brian Roberts, who might be fighting Drew Lavendar for A-10 Player of the Year. Freshman Chris Wright is one of the most athletic players in the conference.

Gonzaga - They have 5 losses already, but they're all (well, almost) to good teams. Their win over Connecticut is looking better and better after UConn beat Indiana. They might not have the star power they've had at times in the past, but this might be their deepest team in a while. 10 guys average at least 10 minutes per game.

VCU - They give up only 58.8 PPG, which is pretty good. Eric Maynor gained fame when he hit the game-winner in the Tourney against Duke, but he really is one of the best PGs in the country. His scoring is way up this year, he's still distributing the ball, and he's very good defensively. With Jamal Shuler as a second scoring option, VCU is just as good this year as they were last year.

Who do you think is the best Mid-Major? Right now, I lean toward Butler by a smidgen over Xavier. It'll be interesting to watch these teams the rest of the way to see who can make some noise come Tourney time.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Kevin Love = Player of the Year Candidate?

26 points and 18 rebounds on the road in his homecoming game against Oregon. Bruins win 80-75 in a very difficult environment in Eugene.

In addition to the great rebounding numbers (sidenote: Is there anyone that is consistently in better position than Kevin Love? I'm not so sure there is) and low-post scoring, he is also becoming a very good FT shooter and a threat outside. He was 2/2 from downtown tonight, included one contested 3-point shot. He is now shooting over 40% from beyond the arc. If that shot continues to fall consistently, he just becomes even more dangerous.

At this point it appears Kevin Love is the best player in the Pac-10, and he may be joining guys like Tyler Hansbrough, Michael Beasley, and Eric Gordon in the race for the National Player of the Year.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Look out for Baylor

OK, Baylor is probably going to get a lot more publicity now after their epic game against Texas A&M, but in truth, they probably should have been talked about a lot more even before this game. Because going into College Station and beating the Aggies is not a fluke.

They've been building towards this season ever since Scott Drew was signed, and now they have a team that is obviously capable of making the Big Dance, and potentially even making a little bit of noise once they get there. They're talented, and they have the personnel to cause a whole lot of matchup problems.

Everything starts with their guards, and they have about as much talent and depth there as anyone in the country. Their leader and leading scorer is Curtis Jerrells, who puts in 13 PPG. The junior is one of 5 Baylor players averaging in double figures. He doesn't get to the FT line a ton (this game against A&M notwithstanding), but he has the quickness to get to the rim, and he's also a very solid shooter from outside.

Baylor's most talented player is LaceDarius Dunn, a top 25 recruit who has become a huge contributor as a freshman. In only a shade over 20 minutes per game he is putting up 12.3 PPG and 4.1 RPG. As he continues to develop and get more minutes that is only going to make Baylor that much better.

Guards Aaron Bruce, Henry Dugat, and Tweety Carter are also big contributors, scoring 10.8, 12.1, and 9.2 PPG respectively.

Up front, they have some troubles. Junior Kevin Rogers puts up solid numbers (11.9 PPG, 6.8 RPG), but there's not a whole lot of production anywhere else. No other traditional frontcourt player scores even 5 points per game or grabs 5 rebounds per game.

Baylor is a team that could make a lot of noise come March and surprise some people with their personnel and style of play. They have loads of talented guards which can cause matchup problems with a lot of teams. It's because of their guards that they are now 16-2 (4-0 in the Big 12) and a team to watch the rest of the way. The win over A&M is nice but there should be a lot more where that came from this year.

Monday, 21 January 2008

NCAA Basketball Most Underrated Players

We know all about the guys that get the publicity... but now time to take a look at what I think are some of the more underrated players today.

Patrick Mills (St. Mary's) - The freshman in Australia is one of the big reasons why St. Mary's is posing the biggest threat that Gonzaga has had in the WCC in years. He is a huge part of the offense, leading the team in minutes played, points, and assists. He scored 37 points in his 4th career game (a win over Oregon), and has been an excellent player ever since.

James Harden (Arizona St.) - There's a lot of talk about the freshmen in the country, and especially in the Pac-10, but not all that much about James Harden. He has been a large part of the turnaround of Herb Sendek's club from last year. With a 4-1 conference record, the Sun Devils are currently tied for the Pac-l0 lead. Harden is leading the way with 18.6 PPG and 5.3 RPG. He was a big prospect coming out of high school, but he has surpassed expectations a little bit. He has helped change the Arizona St. program around.

Raymar Morgan (Michigan St.) - When people think of Michigan St., they think of Drew Neitzel. However, in my opinion, Morgan is the most valuable Spartan player and probably one of the top 3 players in the Big 10 (tough to argue against the 2 Hoosiers right now). He averages over 16 points and 6 rebounds per game, and is a good enough passer and ballhandler that they can run a lot of things through him. He takes some pressure off of the young Spartan guards.

Trent Plaisted (BYU) - If you do know Plaisted, it's probably because of the way he seemed to get the better of Tyler Hansbrough during their game back in November. That was not exactly a fluke. Plaisted is a pretty athletic big man that can finish around the basket, play solid defense down low, and is a good rebounder. I think we'll be seeing him at the next level.

Damion James (Texas) - Everyone talks about DJ Augustin and AJ Abrams, but check out the numbers for Damion James. He's like a poor man's Charles Barkley. He's only 6'6 or 6'7, but he averages an impressive 10.9 RPG. He also contributes offensively with over 14 PPG, scoring in a variety of ways (he is even 14/25 from the 3-point line). He has double-doubles in 9 of his last 12 games.

JaMont Gordon (Mississippi St.) - He might be the best player in the SEC, but nobody sees him because he plays for Mississippi St. He does it all for the Bulldogs, scoring nearly 18 points per contest, grabbing 6.6 rebounds, and doling out 4.3 assists per game. He is one of the best all-around players in the country.

Your thoughts? Do you agree with my selections? Who else do you feel is underrated in college basketball today?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

NBA Power Rankings

The season is nearly halfway done, and I with football and college basketball, I have hardly written anything on the NBA! Time to rectify that a little with some power rankings... here is my top 10.

1. Boston Celtics - They've lost 2 in a row(!), but it's tough not to put them at the top. As of this writing, their record still stands at 30-6, and they outscore their opponents by over 11 points per game. They're efficient offensively, and they look to be the best defensive team in the Association right now. That's a nice combination.

2. Detroit Pistons - I'm tempted to put them lower after their embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Knickerbockers a few days ago, but for now they stay at 2. Their 29-10 record is 2nd best in the NBA, as is their plus 8.6 scoring margin. Even in the much weaker Eastern Conference, that's enough to put them at 2 in the rankings.

3. San Antonio Spurs - They're making it look a little harder than they have in past years, but the Spurs are still 25-11 right now. Though there is a little concern in that they are only 6-8 on the road (as opposed to a bustling 19-3 at home), which could cause some problems if they don't shape that up. I'm pretty sure they will, though.

4. Dallas Mavericks - They were on a roll until losing to the Kings on Tuesday night. Like some of the other powers in the West, they just kind of seem to be coasting along, waiting until the playoffs. Like the Spurs, they will need to get better on the road... they are only .500 right now.

5. Los Angeles Lakers - Yes, the Lakers 5th. Andrew Bynum will be out for a while, but they still have solid depth and they're playing excellent basketball, leading the Suns in the Pacific Division as of this writing. Obviously Kobe is the catalyst here, but they have a plethora of guys contributing every night. It would appear the young guys have finally grown up around Kobe, which makes this team very dangerous. Don't look now, but the Lakers are quite potent offensively, averaging a robust 107.8 PPG.

6. Phoenix Suns - They're still the most fun team to watch, but they're struggling a bit more this year, relatively speaking. They're still 26-2, but they give up nearly 105 PPG (again, part of the pace they play), and they're still not getting enough contributions from their bench. Steve Nash is once again playing 34 minutes per contest, which will hurt later in the year. With Grant Hill out a little while longer, the bench will be even more thin... not good.

7. New Orleans Hornets - Led by Chris Paul (who has potentially morphed from the 2nd best PG in the NBA to a top 5 NBA player), the Hornets can beat anyone on a given night. People do not appreciate how good this guy is... he has surpassed Steve Nash as the best PG in the NBA, and is making a viable case to be the MVP of the NBA. You can't say enough about Chris Paul.

8. Utah Jazz - The Jazz are finally starting to play better basketball, having won 4 in a row to stand at 22-17. They have a very solid 4.0 plus scoring margin. This is the amazing thing about the West... at 22-17, if the playoffs started today, the Jazz would be on the outside looking in. In the East, they would be a 4 seed.

9. Golden State Warriors - The craze of the NBA last June, the Warriors struggled out of the gate this year. However, they appear to have found their stride once again under Don Nelson, and now sit at 23-16. As long as Baron Davis is healthy, they can potentially (as they have shown) beat anyone in a 7-game series.

10. Orlando Magic - They have cooled down considerably after their hot start, but they still look the be the 3rd best team in the East (granted, a long ways off from the top 2). Dwight Howard is averaging 15 rebounds per game right now. They are worth the price of admission if only to see that man rebound the basketball.

Your thoughts? What would you change around?

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Why UCLA is better this year than last year

It seems like a strange thought... UCLA has gone to back-to-back Final 4s, and after each season they lost a guard in the first round of the NBA Draft. But this is still the best team UCLA has had since Ben Howland got to UCLA.

First of all, this is a tribute to Howland and his system. His emphasis on defense obviously works (for proof, just watch the first half of Saturday's game against #4 Washington St). The Bruins are disciplined and quick defensively. They are not the most talented team in the country right now (not that the cupboard is bare, obviously), but that doesn't preclude them from being considered possibly the best team in the country.

But there are 2 main reasons why I think this year's version of UCLA is better than the past couple of seasons:

1) Kevin Love - Obviously, the hype coming into the year was huge. He was a top 3 prospect, seen as one of the most polished big men to enter college in a long, long time. He has certainly lived up to the hype, looking like he might be the best player in the Pac-10 already. On Saturday he scored 27 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, doled out 2 assists, and blocked a couple of shots. He even knocked down a pair of 3-pointers for good measure. On the season he is averaging nearly 17 PPG, 10 RPG, and a couple of assists.

He has an extremely well-balanced game. He can score on the block. He commands double teams, and this opens things up for everyone because he is one of the best passing big men in America. He's very efficient, shooting over 60% from the field (and 8/22 from downtown) and over 78% from the stripe. He is always in control, as rarely has he gotten into foul trouble. He is one of, if not the best big man in the country. Already.

2) Russell Westbrook - This is the overlooked reason for why UCLA has been so good. The injury to Darren Collison to start the season was a blessing in disguise, as it has allowed Westbrook to become a very prolific contributor in his second year for the Bruins. He has now moved to the bench, where he might be the best 6th Man in America. He is averaging 12 PPG, and is leading the Pac-10 in assists with over 5 per contest.

But the numbers don't tell the whole story. He provides another ballhandler to complement Darren Collison. Defensively, he is very quick. He is very tough on the ball, and has quick hands, which is why he averages 1.5 steals per game. At one point on Saturday he picked the ball right from Kyle Weaver and went all the way for a dunk. Even more, Westbrook provides another guy that can be an athletic wing alongside Josh Shipp. He's a solid outside finisher, but he's also strong enough to finish inside. His versatility adds another element to UCLA... he can play the 1 or the 2, and he affects the game so many ways on both ends of the court.

Your thoughts? Is this just homerism? Or is this the best version of the Bruins we have seen so far under Ben Howland?

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

My College Basketball Top 10 - 1/09/08

Time to give me top 10 in the world of college basketball. This is not based solely on achievement, but also how good I think the teams are right now. It was based solely on achievement then all of the undefeated teams would have to be on top, which is not the case. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. My top 10:

1. Memphis - They have been the most impressive team to me so far this year. This is a few weeks back now, but I thought their win over Georgetown might have been the most impressive win for anyone this year. The way they took apart an excellent team like the Hoyas in the 2nd half was a sight to see. They struggle still in the halfcourt offense, but they are more athletic than any other team, and this allows them to get up and down the court. It also allows them to be a very, very good defensive team. They're tough.

2. North Carolina - Obviously you can't complain about a perfect record, I just think the Tigers are a little better. The loss of Bobby Frasor hurts, as they already struggle some with shooting the basketball from the outside. Still, they have the depth and explosiveness to make a run to the title.

3. Kansas - They have been playing excellent ball, and should only get better as Brandon Rush and Sherron Collins continue to get healthier and better. They have 9 guys that play at least 10 minutes a game. Oh yes, there is lots of depth for the Jayhawks.

4. UCLA - They are behind Washington St. in the polls, but I think they're the better team. They had a bad game against Texas, but that neutral court win against Michigan St. (without Darren Collison or Michael Roll) is starting to look better and better. With Kevin Love averaging a double-double right now, he looks to be a strong contender for Pac-10 Player of the Year.

5. Georgetown - They will probably struggle against teams like Memphis, who play fast and have a big, physical guy to guard Roy Hibbert. But the Hoyas are a surprisingly versatile, talented team. As the excellent freshmen guards continue to get comfortable at the college level, the Hoyas will continue to improve and become more explosive.

6. Michigan St. - I like them a lot. They are great defensively under Tom Izzo. Drew Neitzel hits as big shots as anyone in America, but the little known secret is that Raymar Morgan is their best player. Like many teams near the top, they will continue to get better and better, as they play a lot of freshman that are just getting experience.

7. Washington St. - They remain undefeated, but they are very low on quality wins, which is why I have them down at 7th. But they'll be a tough out. They play great defense, and because of this they are able to slow the game down and make you play at their pace. Just a solid team that doesn't beat themselves.

8. Tennessee - They can beat anyone when their shots are falling, and they can lose to anyone when their shots are not falling. They are obviously extremely difficult to play against because of their fast-paced style. They do not allow teams to get comfortable on either end of the floor, meaning the opponent has to be very disciplined mentally to stick with the Volunteers. Most teams are not.

9. Duke - They have depth and an underrated amount of athleticism. 9 guys play at least 11 minutes per contest, and at least 6 score 8.8 per game. Their trio of Nelson-Singler-Henderson is very athletic, something they really lacked last year. They are well-coached, and can challenge UNC in the ACC.

10. Texas - I'll give them the final spot, though they have been struggling a little of late. DJ Augustin may be the best PG in the country, as he seems to be able to get into the lane at will and get a shot anytime he wants. We know what they have in AJ Abrams, one of the best pure shooters in America. Like last year, Texas' fate rests in the hands of the "other guys," players like Damion James, Connor Atchley, and Justin Mason. They will determine how far the Longhorns go.

Your thoughts? What changes would you make?

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Orange Bowl Preview

In his BCS Preview my esteemed colleague remarked that the game doesn't excite him all that much. As a Kansas fan, I must disagree. The first BCS game for the Jayhawks should be quite a show.

Kansas has one of the most explosive offenses in the country. Sophomore quarterback Todd Reesing has thrown for 3,259 yards and 32 touchdowns. Senior RD Brandon McAnderson has ran for 1050 yards and 16 TDs, while backup Jake Sharp has ran for 788 yards. The Jayhawks average just over 44 points per game.

However, they haven't quite faced a team with a defense like Virginia Tech. Their rush defense ranks 5th in the nation, allowing just 86 yards per game. One interesting match up will be to see how Va Tech's secondary matches up with KU's receiving corps. Kansas will spread the field, with 4 or 5 wideouts, and while Va Tech should have the talent to cover Kansas's top wideout Marcus Henry, Kansas's 4th and 5th wideouts should be able to get open enough. One player to look for is Kerry Meier, who in his spare time is Kansas's backup QB. One interesting note is that Virginia Tech outscores its opponents 103-44 in the first quarter.

While my head says that Virginia Tech is probably the better team, I can't pick against the Jayhawks and the new Mangenius. Kansas 31, Va Tech 21

If I may send out a quick shameless plug, I started a blog at mostly featuring baseball talk, but there will also be a lot of college sports, and maybe even some soccer if I feel so inclined. So if you like my posts here come check it out, or even if you don't and just want to make fun of me that's ok too.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Lloyd Carr Goes Out a Winner. Plus NHL, Outdoors Style

In what many people must think is a big upset, the Michigan Wolverines defeated Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators in the Capital One Bowl. Chad Henne had a career day, throwing for 373 yards and 3 TDs, while Adrian Arrington caught 2 of them.

The Michigan defense pressured the Heisman winner all day, knocking him down repeatedly. While Tebow did throw for three scores, the last drive was representative of what was happening all day for the Florida offense. Scrambling around, Tebow was forced to heave up a pass that landed incomplete and ended the game and the season for the Gators.

Granted I'm a Michigan fan, but speaking as a college football fan in general, I'm very happy to see Coach Carr go out with a win. While he didn't have his best year this year, hopefully he will be remembered as a class act and a coach who truly cared about his players not just in football terms, but as people also.

In the other big story of the day, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres tangled in Ralph Wilson Stadium. The second outdoor game in NHL history was hockey at its finest, a chilly snowy day that I'm sure reminded many players and fans alike of when they used to play on the pond. Watching NHL players play even when snow was covering the ice and affecting the puck made me realize just how skilled these players were. The face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby, had an assist on a Colby Armstrong goal just 21 seconds into the game, and also scored the game winning goal in the shootout.

The NHL is planning a game to take place indoors at Ford Field along with a college hockey game to prep for the Frozen Four which will be in Detroit in 2010.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

I will be out of town until early next week, meaning I won't be able to post. (Mr. Fetch, if you're willing and able to post, by all means, have at it).

So have a good New Year, and see you next week!