Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Feels like a links day!

Ok, I had to do a lot of studying for my first Accounting test Wednesday (think of me at about 5:15 CDT!), so I didn't really have time to write something cool and exciting (like I ever do anyway). Which means it's a perfect day to spread some cool links around in the hopes that it will point at least one person to a page they like!

First off, don't look now, but the Minnesota Twins are a 1/2 game behind the Detroit Tigers for the division lead. And Justin Morneau went 5/5 in the game, bumping his average up to .326, and getting his 124th RBI of the year, only 5 behind David Ortiz for the AL Lead. Yes, his MVP argument is strengthening everyday.

I think I agree with Bruins Nation in that Oklahoma is overreacting just a wee bit to the blown call. There is no doubt that it was a completely blown call, and there is absolutely no excuse for missing it both on the field and and in the replay booth... and I can even kinda agree with asking the game to be voided (though it definitely should not be), but now they're talking about canceling their game at Washington next year. I understand that Oklahoma takes their football seriously, but threatening phone calls to the replay official are a little much. Not that that's never been done before, but it's time to move on. Which is what I'll do now.

Why is Deadspin the best around? Exhibit A. Not only is the post itself funny, but the comments are absolutely hilarious.

Kevin Antcliff is back in business on the newly created Mile High Sports!

This didn't take long (and I can't say I blame Lions fans!)

Erasmus James is done for the year... great. :(

Anyway, this is just a little bit to whet your appetite... I'll be back tomorrow with a regularly scheduled post!