Monday, 13 August 2007

Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterback

Since I am compiling some lists for my own fantasy drafts, I thought I would give some of my fantasy rankings, starting with the QBs.

1. Peyton Manning - As pretty much everyone who voted said, Peyton Manning is the best fanatsy football QB. He throws for a lot of TDs, a lot of yards, and he has proven to be very durable. Also, the defense might be a little worse this year, which means the offense will have to make up for it. That's good news for Peyton Manning owners.

2. Carson Palmer - Very physically gifted with one of the top WR duos in the NFL. He should continue to be one of the best in his 4th year of starting in the NFL.

3. Marc Bulger - I am very high on him this year. First of all, year 2 under Scott Linehan, a great offensive mind. He's also got a new contract, which should help put him at ease. Plus the addition of Drew Bennett will help make up for the loss of Kevin Curtis. With defenses having to focus a lot on Steven Jackson, I think Bulger will absolutely shine.

4. Tom Brady - I made a mistake last week when I didn't include him in my discussion of the top fantasy QB, but I hope I can somewhat make up for that by putting him 4th. With lots of talented options, he should have some dependable receivers, unlike in years past.

5. Drew Brees - He was absolutely brilliant last year in his first year undr Sean Payton. I think that as defensive coordinators see more of the offense the numbers will drop a little bit, which puts him below these other elite QBs.

6. Donovan McNabb - Don't look now, but McNabb was putting up fantastic numbers last year before he got hurt. If he can remain injury-free, there's a very good chance he could sneak into the top 5 for fantasy QBs.

7. Jon Kitna - No, not a joke. Kitna has one of the best receiving trios in the League, and this will be his 2nd year under Mike Martz. I can easily foresee a big year for Jon Kitna.

8. Matt Hasselbeck - If he is fully healthy, he is still one of the best. Even with the loss of Darrell Jackson the receiving corps is still very strong. Also, Shaun Alexander appears to be healthy, which takes some of the pressure off of the passing game and helps make the offense more explosive. That should mean better numbers for Matt Hasselbeck this year.

9. Jay Cutler - One of the most physcially gifted QBs in the NFL. There was a reason I was so hoping the Vikings would be able to land him in the draft last year... even though he will only be in his 2nd year, I think he's going to become a top 10-15 QB right away.

10. Philip Rivers - With defenses focusing so much on LT, Rivers should again be very efficient. The emergence of Vincent Jackson should help too.

11. Tony Romo - Started off great, then struggled a little down the stretch. Still, he is moderately athletic and is really accurate with the ball. The Cowboys should have a lot of weapons this year, which means good things for Romo.

12. Vince Young - I still have some concerns about his passing ability (and the bad receiving corps for the Titans), but Young is also really dangerous with his feet. He has 7 rushing TDs last year, which is really good.

13. Matt Leinart - A better offensive line, a good trio of receivers, and a solid RB. All the places are in place for the Arizona offense to have some explosiveness. Of course, we've been saying that for the past couple of years now.

14. Eli Manning - It's make-or-break time for Manning. He throws a lot of INTs, but he also puts up pretty solid yardage and TD totals.

15. Brett Favre - Sort of like Eli Manning... he throws a lot of INTs, but you can't argue much with his yardage and TD production.

- JP Losman - He actually made some steps towards becoming a solid QB last year. He has the athleticism and tools, but can he fully put it together? If he does, he could actually be a pretty nice fantasy player.

- David Carr - If Jake Delhomme gets hurt or struggles, we might see a productive David Carr, who would finally have something that he never had in Houston... more than one decent player around him.