Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bracket First Impressions!

Here are my quick first thoughts on the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket, with more to come this week... this is the best time of the sports year!

- Butler a 7 seed? Huh? I absolutely do not understand this seeding in the East region:
6 Oklahoma
7 Butler
8 Indiana

That makes no sense to me.

- Here are the top 4 first round games I am most looking forward to:

5 Drake vs. 12 Western Kentucky - 2 very good Mid-Majors... WKU has the best player (Courtney Lee), but Drake is the better team.
7 Butler vs. 10 South Alabama - Awesome matchup between 2 teams that could give Tennessee fits in round 2. Once again, USA might have the best player (Demetric Bennett), but Butler has the better team.
6 USC vs. 11 Kansas St. - For obvious reasons. Loads and loads of talent on display.
7 Gonzaga vs. 10 Davidson - Again, another great matchup between 2 really good Mids. I have no idea who to pick for this game.

- My top 3 potential 2nd Round matchups:

4 Connecticut vs. 5 Drake - Two different styles. Would be very interesting.
2 Tennessee vs. 7 Butler - There would be lots and lots of 3s fired in this game. This would be so much fun to watch.
4 Vanderbilt vs. 5 Clemson - Two really good teams... Kevin Stallings is an underrated coach.

- And finally, top 3 potential Sweet 16 matchups:

2 Tennessee vs. 3 Louisville - This would be an amazing game between 2 very talented, well-coached teams. I get giddy just thinking about this potential matchup.
2 Duke vs. 3 Xavier - Two efficient, talented clubs.
2 Texas vs. 3 Stanford - I also get giddy thinking about this potential matchup. Two opposite clubs. How would Texas stop Brook Lopez? How would Stanford stop DJ Augustin? Awesome. Please happen!

- On my first time through picking (which is definitely subject to change), I have no 12 seeds winning... hmmm...

- Is it Thursday yet?

- What most caught your eye?