Sunday, 1 July 2007

ESPN is Stupid Sometimes

OK, a lot of the time. But anyway, look at this screencap off the front page of ESPN, which was on as of Sunday night when I wrote this.

WHAT? "Despite a lackluster season?" Bonds is having a lackluster season? That's news to me.

OK, maybe Bonds' power numbers aren't quite what they were from 2000-2004, but he's bee extremely effective at the plate so far this year. Consider:

- He leads the MLB in OPS.
- He leads the MLB in OBP, which is currently at a ridiculous rate above .500.
- He is slugging over .600, which is 4th in the MLB.

Sure, he's not good defensively anymore. And his baserunning skills are not what they once were. But if that is lackluster, I'm not sure what's good. When he's playing, he's been easily the best hitter in the National League so far.

Also, I just love one of the other options there:

"Vote: Who deserves to be there?"

Um, ESPN, the fans just voted who they think deserves the be there. What are you trying to prove? Isn't that a bit redundant?