Friday, 20 July 2007

Indiscriminate sharing of links

OK, maybe not indiscriminate, but after a long week, instead of boring you with my own thoughts, I'll point you in the direction of some other good stuff to read.

- Via Awful Announcing, it looks like maybe the national media is starting to talk about what we've known all along, and what Fire Joe Morgan has been blogging about for so long... Joe Morgan is awful.

- Are all of the pieces falling into place for the Sonics to move from Seattle to Oklahoma City?

- From Just Call Me Juice via Deadspin... one of the greatest videos ever.

- An NBA ref betting on games... uh, yeah, this is really bad news for the NBA. Could be one of the more interesting stories to follow the rest of the summer.

- OK, maybe the Bucs are going a little overboard with this QB thing.

- From The Sports Flow some of the best incoming freshmen in college football next year.

- I agree with Pacifist Viking... I have respect for anyone that can quote Gandhi.

Have good weekend!