Monday, 5 March 2007

Conference Tournament Predictions

With the major conference tournaments coming up, I thought it'd be good to take a look at a lot of the bigger. So I'll give my predictions for the 8 conference tournaments that I am most interested in. Once again, in Spreadsheet format, because that's way cool.


Favorite: North Carolina is the #1 seed, and even though they haven't been playing great basketball lately, they still have to be considered the favorite.

Sleeper: Georgia Tech and Maryland have both been playing great lately and both have the talent to win 4 games in 4 days.

My Pick: When playing a lot of games in a short amount of time, depth is key, and nobody has more depth than the Tar Heels.


Favorite: Xavier and UMass tied for the regular season crown and both teams are playing equally well, so they're probably the co-favorites.

Sleeper: Charlotte comes in as the 9 seed, but if De'Angelo Alexander and Leemire Goldwire are playing well they can compete with anyone.

My Pick: I really think Xavier is the best team in the conference. They're experience, they're well-balanced, and they're well-coached. I really like the Musketeers this year.

Big East

Favorite: Georgetown completed the Big East schedule with a 13-3 record to get the #1 seed, making them the prohibitive favorite.

Sleeper: Villanova can be a little inconsistent offensively, but as Scottie Reynolds matures they are rapidly becoming a tough team to beat.

My Pick: I go with Pittsburgh here, a well-balanced team that always plays smart. I have picked Notre Dame to upset the Hoyas, leaving a clear path to the Big East title for Pitt.

Big 10

Favorite: With Brian Butch injured, the Buckeyes become the favorite here, though they have looked a little sketchy lately. They certainly are the most talented team in the conference.

Sleeper: Michigan St. is a great defensive and rebounding team, and Drew Neitzel can hit a lot of big shots down the stretch. That all means that they have the ability to keep a lot of games close. With a few breaks, they can find themselves winning the Big 10.

My Pick: I'll go with a little bit of a surprise pick and Indiana. They are solid defensively, and if they can knock some shots down they have the ability to play with anyone.

Big 12

Favorite: Kansas is playing better basketball than any team in the nation. They're the slight favorite, although Texas A&M and Texas are not too far behind.

Sleeper: By beating Kansas and Texas A&M (twice), Texas Tech showed they have the ability to beat anybody in the country, which makes them a possible sleepers if they get some breaks. Jarrius Jackson can carry a team for stretches at a time.

My Pick: I love what Texas and Texas A&M are doing, but Kansas is playing lots of great basketball right now. Hard to pick against them.

Mountain West

Favorite: BYU is the #1 seed, but I think UNLV is probably the favorite. They are 25-6 on the season and have won 6 of 7.

Sleeper: No real sleepers here... I'll be really surprised if a team not in the top 4 wins this thing.

My Pick: I've been pushing San Diego St. all season, and now it's time to officially pick them for something. They've been extremely inconsistent, but if they can put it together like they have a times this year, they are definitely talented enough to win the conference.


Favorite: I know UCLA is coming off of a loss, but they've been the best and most consistent team all season long

Sleeper: Washington is talented enough (Hawes and Brockman on the front line is awesome) and they'll be playing for their season this Tourney. They've been pretty disappointing this year but they have the ability to change all of that.

My Pick: Can't go against the Bruins. Toughness, defense, outside shooting... if they can get anything from Lorenzo Mata they're going to be a real tough out.


Favorite: The Gators haven't left anyone in awe over the past month, but as the defending champions they should probably be given the benefit of the doubt and be labeled as the favorites.

Sleeper: I really do think Kentucky has the talent to compete with pretty much anyone in this conference. They have good guards, and Randolph Morris is tough in the post. I would label Vandy the sleeper here, but then they are (for all intents and purposes) the 2 seed here.

My Pick: The Vols are playing better and better as this season goes along and the young freshmen posts get more and more experience. My only concern with the Vols is that they play a real uptempo style, and that could get tough playing 4 games in 4 days, which is what it would take to win the Tourney. Still, I'll take them.

What are your picks?