Wednesday, 14 March 2007

It's almost time

By the time you read this, the Tourney either will be close to starting and may well have started already. I've basically said all that I needed to say over the past few days here, so I won't bore you with more thoughts on the Tourney. At the same token, I'm too pumped for the Tourney to write about anything else, which leaves me with nothing to write.

So instead, I'll give a couple of quick links for you to read (if you haven't already), as we get ready for the first tipoff at about 11:20 AM central time.

First, if you're at work and can't watch, you can always check out the liveblogs, which will be over at WBRS Sports Blog, Awful Announcing, or Deadspin.

Meanwhile, The Sports Flow has their predictions up, and Just Call Me Juice wonders whether Oregon is this year's Florida (my vote: no), and will undoubtedly have other great stuff up.

I'll have a semi-full recap on Thursday night for the game, but for now, check out these other links and watch basketball, which is what I'll be doing if you need me.