Thursday, 25 January 2007

A Bill Walton Podcast

Bill Walton Podcast

Seriously, this is the craziest thing I have ever listened to. If Bill Walton is not on acid, then I have no idea how he comes up with this stuff. He jumps around from topic to topic saying ridiculous things, and really, that's what we like about him. This podcast deals with a Brazilian named Daniela's internet sex video, the NY Knicks, the Grateful Dead, crossword puzzle contests, Larry Bird, and pretty much everything in between.

So have a listen and tell me what you think... in case you don't want to listen to it all, here's some of the prime quotes:

"Whenever I get to watch the Wizards and can finally get Daniela off the screen, I can't get over how well Brendan Haywood is playing. I actually saw Brendan Haywood try to run up-and-down the court faster than his opponent the other night. Now THERE'S a novel concept."

"But the real surprise to me in New York is that despite endless research and digging on my part, I have yet to come up with any evidence whatsoever that Isiah Thomas had anything to do with the Home Depot's Bob Nardelli's severance package of $210 million. Now that sure seemed to be to have all the trappings of an Isiah Thomas deal. Unbelievable money for nothing."

"During the recent holidays we had a nice little break, and being the competitive fiend that I am, I entered an International Crossword Puzzle Contest. I was on fire, as hot as I've ever been in anything! So here I was, rolling on forever to yet another title, when I get stomped on, 'What is a 10-letter word for surge?' I was so ashamed when I couldn't come up with escalation."

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[Special thanks to Doug LeMoine for initially linking to the podcast which is how I found it]