Sunday, 7 January 2007

A new little project of mine

One thing I really enjoy about sports is that I can watch old videos of stuff I've already seen, and it's still interesting and I'll see stuff I might have missed the first time around. Videos are cool like that.

So with that, I decided to create a new blog hopefully showcasing some of those videos... Sports Videos... unfortunately sportvideos.blogspot was taken, and so was sportvideos.blogspot, so I went with I'm still a poor college guy, which is why I went with blogger again, but that's ok.

Anyway, check it out, hopefully it can grow into something cool. If not, well at least I tried. I added some of you on the blogroll there, so if you can find it in your heart to add that blog as well on your site, I'd appreciate that. If not, that's ok. If you're interesting in exchanging links for this blog or that blog, well, you can always email me [uclabruins24 AT] and I'm usually happy to comply.

So anyway, check it out, and only one more day until the national title game!