Saturday, 6 January 2007

NFL Wildcard Action

As Gus Johnson would say, "Heartbreak city."

As a Vikings fan, I can empathize with the Cowboys fans after that game. It's one thing to lose a game, it's another to lose a game you looked like you had won in heartbreaking fashion. If you say the names Gary Anderson or Nathan Poole to me, I will punch you in the face. Well, not really, because I'm more of a lover than a fighter, but I will kinda feel like crying. I don't like the Cowboys, but that's a tough pill to swallow.

Anyway, one quick note on the other game as well. I know I like to rag on announcers maybe more than I should, but let me be the first to say that I really enjoyed the Tom Hammond/Cris Collinsworth NBC crew that worked the Chiefs/Colts game. I've always thought Tom Hammond was a superb play-by-play man and had a great voice for play-by-play, all the way from the old NBA on NBC days to his calling Notre Dame football, so I enjoy listening to him call a game. In addition, I really think Cris Collinsworth may be the best NFL color man out there... which makes it too bad that he usually only calls games on the NFL Network. He's smart, he's not afraid to call out guys, and he'll admit when he was wrong. That's a rare trio.

So in other words, Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth was probably my favorite announcing duo of the year... too bad that that will probably be the only time I'll ever hear that duo work a game again.