Monday, 8 January 2007

Happy Birthday Complete Sports!

Yes, that's right, this little blog of mine has reached the 1 year milestone.

When I started this little thing with this post and my NFL divisional conference preview, I'm not sure what I expected. I know I loved sports and sometimes liked writing things, but beyond that I had no idea what I was in for.

Well, it's been fun. I'm not into Journalism and I have no aspirations of being a writer (hey, I'm an Accounting and Finance major!), so I realize my actual writing sucks, but that's ok. That said, even though I'm not a writer, I will accept an offer if you make one ESPN! I never really expected to make any money with this, but I have made a little chunk of change, which is great because it's getting paid to do something I really enjoy doing.

And truly I enjoy doing this. I mean, where else could I write my list of the 50 greatest NBA players ever, or my list of the Top 10 MLB players of all-time, or unveil my hopes to create a Bill Walton Quote Library? Where else could I write nearly 100 posts about the NBA, or 88 posts about the NFL, or 83 posts about college football? Where else could I make nearly 400 posts in a year and not look like a total nerd. Well, kinda.

But as almost any blogger will tell you, the best part about this is getting comments on my posts, or getting email from someone who happens to be reading. Because as much as I do like writing this, I probably wouldn't do it if no one read it. So thank you to all my readers and commenters, most notably the writers from WBRS Sports Blog, The Big Picture, The Sports Pulse, Sweaty Men Endeavors, Zoner Sports, Insomniac's Lounge, Pacifist Viking, and many others. Without getting too sentimental, guys like you make this enjoyable.

Anyway, for the first year, if my calculations are right, I think I got somewhere around 50,000 visitors, which is many more than I ever expected. But I was always told to dream big, so my goal is 70,000 for year 2, which is about 200 a day, which, well, we'll see. But I'm optimistic.

So anyway, thanks to any readers, and it's been fun. Hopefully I can make another post like this in a year.