Sunday, 2 September 2007

College Football Power Rankings, Week 1

I'm going to try to come up with my power rankings every week... no promises though. But anyway, here is my top 10 after the first week of action.

1. USC - Everyone thinks they're the most talented team, and there's no reason to change that after one week. A little sluggish, but a solid performance.

2. West Virginia - I liked them a lot before the season, and they didn't disappoint, scoring 62 points in a rout of Western Michigan. Slaton had 109 yards and 3 scores, Pat White had a total of 4 TDs, and freshman Noel Devine had a nice debut, with 7 carries, 44 yards, and a TD. Not bad.

3. LSU - The offense didn't look too sharp, but the defense sure did. The offense better be more polished this weekend, because they face another great defense in Virginia Tech.

4. Florida - This might be a little high because of everyone that they lost on defense, but I just think the offense will be really explosive. Urban Meyer finally has guys that really fit his system, and it showed against Western Kentucky. Tebow was nearly perfect, and the running game was effective. They'll be competing for the SEC title again.

5. Texas - 21-13 win over Arkansas St? Yikes. A lot has been said about Michigan losing to Appalacian St. (and deservedly so), but this would have been just as bad of a loss. At the very least, have to be a little concerned about the offense. 21 points? A mediocre performance by Colt McCoy? I know it was the first game and probably won't mean much in the long run, but that's ugly.

6. Wisconsin - The Badgers just went and took care of business against WaSt. In a rare occurrence for the Badgers, the passing game was ahead of the running game, as Tyler Donovan performed very well. PJ Hill only got 4 YPC, but he'll be OK.

7. Louisville - Yeah, the Louisville offense might be a bit explosive. Brohm might be the best QB in the country, they have a nice stable of RBs, and Harry Douglas and Mario Urrutia is about as good of a 1-2 combo as it gets.

8. Oklahoma - DeMarco Murray is a name you probably should know... the redshirt freshman ran for 87 yards and scored 5 TDs. Adrian Peterson who?

9. Virginia Tech - Well, they won. But not an awe-inspiring performance, but I guess that was to be expected given the emotions surrounding the game. Still, if the offense performs that poorly against LSU, they could get shut out.

10. California - Cal looked like the most explosive offense in the country on Saturday night. Longshore was very good, Forsett was great (Marshawn Lynch who?), and the WR looked really good, especially after the catch. Should be a good race in the Pac-10 this year.


UCLA - Excellent defense, and if Ben Olson can play up to his talent, the offense might be pretty solid as well.

Rutgers - Ray Rice certainly showed he'll be pretty good even with Brian Leonard gone.

Ohio St. - I thought Ohio St. was supposed to the Big 10 team to take a step back, not Michigan?

Georgia - Matthew Stafford, remember the name. Dude is one of the best QBs in the SEC.

Michigan - OK, it was a really bad loss. And Lloyd Carr should already have updated his resume, because I think he'll be gone provided Michigan doesn't run the table the rest of the way. But still, Appalacian St. is a pretty good team, maybe top 50 in all of college football. I still think Michigan will be pretty darn good this year by the time we're finished.

Hawaii - OK, I don't know if they deserve to be listed here, but I just need to mention Colt Brennan... I don't care who you're playing, when you go 34/40 for 416 yards and 6 TDs in the first half, you get my respect. Wow.

Your thoughts?