Tuesday, 18 September 2007

NFL Power Rankings

Time for some NFL Power Rankings... because obviously power rankings are all the rage right now. I'll just give my top 10.

1. New England Patriots - OK, they've convinced me to put them at #1. What a thoroughly dominating performance against a talented Chargers team.

2. Indianapolis Colts - Just something about those Titans. I never expected the Titans to be driving at the end of the game, needing just a FG to win. Football is a funny game like that. But still, they have obviously cemented themselves as a top 2 team. Bob Sanders for Defensive Player of the Year?

3. San Diego Chargers - It wasn't pretty, but no one else really sticks out as #3 right now. Plus, with all of this talent, not even Norv Turner can screw this up, right? Right?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers - They were my mini-surprise team coming into the year, and while they've been helped by a really easy schedule, they're certainly looking good so far. The average score of their games so far has been 30-5. That's not a misprint.

5. Dallas Cowboys - Quietly looking like they might be the best team in a very bad NFC team. At the very least, they have the most explosive offense in the League right now, especially with Marion Barber getting a larger and larger workload.

6. Denver Broncos - I had them at 4 last week, but after another mediocre performance they drop to 6. They have a 38-34 margin so far... that's not exactly awe-inspiring.

7. Chicago Bears - They only have 1 offensive TD in 2 weeks. I'm just saying. The defense is great, but with the offense being really mediocre and inconsistent once again, will it matter?

8. Baltimore Ravens - I still tend to think the Ravens are better right now with Kyle Boller at QB. Seriously, a Steve McNair-led offense scored 20 points against the Bengals. A Derek Anderson-led offense score 51 points against the Bengals. Something is not right there.

9. Washington Redskins - Jason Campbell is becoming better and better every week. What a throw by him at the end of the first half! But they'll have to overcome Joe Gibbs at this point, I think. I mean, a delay of game right after a spike on the 2 yard line? Are you kidding me Washington?

10. Green Bay Packers - I am a diehard Packer hater, but you have to be impressed by their start. The first game was very fluky, but beating anyone 35-13 is impressive. I'm still very skeptical about Brett Favre on a week-to-week basis, but their defense is really good.