Thursday, 13 September 2007

NFL PIcks Against the Spread 2007: Week 2

Time for my week 2 picks! Yay!

Jets (+10) over Ravens
Look, the Jets are not that great, but they're not as bad as they showed last week. The Ravens are good, but I just don't see them as 10 point favorites. Plus, I'm one of the guys that thinks the Jets will be better with Kellen Clemens at QB. I still like the Ravens to win, but I think it'll be decently close.

Texans +6.5) over Panthers
I kinda like what the Texans are doing. I don't know why, but I like them in this game, very possibly to win it. Part of it is that I'm not a big believer in Jake Delhomme... he was great last week, but I'm a bit skeptical we'll see a repeat.

Bears (-12.5) over Chiefs
If the Bears somehow find a way to lose this game outright, it might knock out absolutely everyone that plays any type of Survival Football. That's not even a joke. Every game would end because everyone would be eliminated.

Bengals (-6.5) over Browns
The Browns QB options are Derek Anderson (career: 6 TD, 9 INT) and Brady Quinn, a rookie who got into camp way late. They have a lame duck coach, a bad defense, and a past-his-prime RB. Other than that, things are going great for the Browns.

Cowboys (-3.5) over Dolphins
I don't care how bad the Cowboys defense looked last week, I don't see the Dolphins scoring enough points to keep up with them. I don't see the Dolphins scoring enough points to keep up with most teams.

Broncos (-10) over Raiders
I really don't know what to think in this game. I thought the Broncos were sure bets to beat the spread last week against Buffalo, and we know how that turned out. The Lions had some success running the ball against Oakland last week, and if Detroit had success, I can only imagine what the Broncos will do.

Vikings (+3) over Lions
If the Vikings can get pressure on Jon Kitna, I think he'll make some mistakes. If last week is any indication, the Vikings will be coming after the QB a little, which could leave them susceptible to some big plays, but I think they'll get to Kitna enough. Plus, Adrian Peterson should have another big day.

Colts (-7) over Titans
The Titans have a shot because they are sneakily good at running the football, but the way that I saw the Colts play last week leads me to believe they'll win by double digits. Peyton Manning might very well be a machine.

Falcons (+10) over Jaguars
I don't think the Falcons are as bad as they looked. Seriously. Harrington will play better with more time in the system, and their running backs are solid (the Minnesota run defense is just awesome). Plus, the Jags seem to always play down to the level of their opponents.

Patriots (-3.5) over Chargers
This is another game that I really don't know what to think. Both teams are among the 3 best in the NFL. I think the Patriots will win, so that's why I'm taking them with the points. But really, I have no idea.

Saints (-3.5) over Bucs
I just think the Saints are a much better team than the Bucs. Simple as that. Drew Brees will not play that poorly again.

Packers (+1.5) over Giants
The Giants have an injured QB that may or may not play, their starting RB is injured, they hate their coach, and their defense is atrocious. Other than that I love them this year.

Bills (+9.5) over Steelers
I like the Steelers, but the Bills showed last week they're a pretty darn good football team. Losman needs to play a lot better, but they're solid defensively, solid on special teams, and Marshawn Lynch had a great debut. I think they'll keep this one fairly close.

Seahawks (-3) over Cardinals
Not that the Seahawks lit up the world in week 1, but the Cardinals were very unimpressive. Although it was good that they got the running game going. With the run-oriented Ken Whisenhunt at the helm, I am kinda glad that I didn't really take Matt Leinart, Larry Fitzgerald, and Anquan Boldin in any of my fantasy leagues.

Rams (-3) over 49ers
I came into the year very optimistic about the Rams, and they sure sucked last week. Now, there's news that Orlando Pace is done for the year. So why am I picking them? Probably foolishness.

Redskins (+6.5) over Eagles
This is obvious, but I really did not like what I saw from the Eagles last week. No commitment to the run game, and McNabb did not play well. On the bright side, their special teams almost literally cannot get any worse. I expect them to beat Washington, but I think it'll be a tight contest.

Last Week: 8-6-2