Thursday, 16 November 2006

College Football Picks: Week 12

I've heard there's this one big game this week... something about #1 vs. #2? Can anyone confirm? Anyway, my picks for that and the 4 other biggest games of the weekend!

(21) Maryland @ (20) Boston College
After a couple of down years, Maryland is back as a decent team, though I think some of this is a little bit of smoke and mirrors. They're solid, but their record in close games has been amazing. They are 6-1 in games decided by 6 points or less. Overall this season, the average scores of their games is 22.0-20.1. And they're 8-2 with that stat. Regression to the mean is a wonderful thing. BOSTON COLLEGE 23-19.

(19) Virginia Tech @ (14) Wake Forest
I don't care if it's a down year for the Seminoles... if you go into Tallahassee and win 30-0 you get my respect. Unlike Maryland, Wake actually is winning games be a decent margin (average by 10.2 points), and they have a fine, fine defense. I just think Virginia Tech's is a little better, and the Demon Deacons don't quite have anyone as good as Brandon Ore. VIRGINIA TECH 17-16.

(15) Auburn @ Alabama
This one would have been a lot more meaningful is Auburn had won last week, but as they say, them's the breaks. The Iron Bowl is always a great rivalry, and this should be no different. John Parker Wilson is starting to play better for the Tide, but they still don't really have big play ability. Auburn was awful last week, but I think they'll bounce back in this large rivalry game. AUBURN 24-14.

(17) California @ (4) USC
Like the Auburn/Alabama matchup, this would have been a lot better if Cal would have won. Then this would basically be for the Pac-10 Title and maybe even a spot in the National Championship game. Still a huge game (Pac-10 Title is on the line), but not what it could have been. Cal's got great offensive talent, but their defense is questionable. USC got back to their dominance last week, and at home, I expect their superior all-around talent to win in an entertaining ballgame. USC 38-34.

(2) Michigan @ (1) Ohio St.
I've been riding the Michigan bandwagon pretty hard, and I can't bail now. I still think their defense is better and Michael Hart is the best runner on either team. The only thing that concerns me is that this game is in the Horseshoe, and, despite how good I think Michigan is when Mario Manningham is fully in the offense, the Buckeyes are pretty excellent themselves. Bottom line, I think Michael Hart makes the difference in this ballgame. Should be pretty awesome. MICHIGAN 27-24.

What are your picks?