Monday, 6 November 2006

Links and such

I'm all about giving here, which is why I'll give you some links that I enjoyed in the hopes that you too may enjoy them. Well, that and I had to write a paper that I just finished, and don't have time right now to continue my college basketball previews. But that's a secret for just you and I, so rest assured those will start back up tomorrow.

Anyway, enough inane rambling. Here's what you should check out:

- Pretty cool new project I have a small part of and you should all check out (if you know what's good for you)... The Water Cooler Online.

- Deadspin has all of your Harold Reynolds news. And frankly, if I could sue ESPN for turning to crap the past couple of years, I'd consider it.

- It's ok Insomniac, 1 out of 4 ain't bad. It's not like my football picks were any better.

- I'm pretty sure Raja Bell's site is the worst on the internet. As always, YAYSports is on top of things. (have I mentioned before how much I love YAYsports! NBA? Because I do)

- WBRS reports that the Notre Dame game won't be on national TV this week... poor poor Irish fans.

- Jeff Brantley won't be on ESPN next year... who do I write the check to for making this possible?

- The Philadelphia 76ers are 3-0... there's a long ways to go, but what a great start. Guess Iverson isn't wearing down quite yet.

- If you still haven't read it, my Big 12 Preview... if you have read it alread, go play outside before it gets too cold.