Friday, 10 November 2006

NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 10

Just by dumb luck, I should at least start to improve after some really bad weeks... I might just blindfold myself and throw darts to try to pick this week's games.

Texans (+10) over Jaguars
I don't understand the Jags... they get blown out by Houston, then come back to beat Philly and then thoroughly dominate the Titans. As good as they looked last week, the NFL season is probably too weird for them to dominate like that 2 weeks in a row.

Ravens (-7) over Titans
Vince Young against the Ravens defense... I don't see this ending well for Tennessee.

Redskins (+7) over Eagles
Will the Redskins decide to show up this week? Your guess is probably as good as mine... but my guess will be yes. At least show up enough to cover the spread.

Lions (-6) over 49ers
Don't look now, but the Lions offense is actually pretty solid right now. The 49ers may be able to hold the Vikings offense down, but I think the Lions should be able to score a lot of points here, especially at home.

Bengals (+1) over Chargers
Both of these teams have been inconsistent... they'll look like a great team one week and then lose to a team they shouldn't have the next week. It makes me head hurt. So I'll just go with the home team here.

Jets (-10.5) over Patriots
Another game where I really don't know what will happen... Jets played them tough in their first meeting, so I'll take the spread here.

Chiefs (+1) over Dolphins
I know the Dolphins looked very good last week, but doesn't anyone remember all the other weeks before that. The Chiefs still have Larry Johnson, and I expect them to ride him to a another victory.

Green Bay (+5) over Minnesota
The Vikings would have trouble scoring a high school team right now. I think the Vikings have a great shot to win, but I'm not picking them at -5 over any team in the NFL.

Browns (+9.5) over Falcons
The Lions came into Atlanta last week and won by 16 points. Which probably means the Falcons are due to win by about 30. Hopefully the Browns can keep it close.

Bills (+12) over Colts
It seems like the Colts have kind of taken things easy against lesser opponents this year. I like the Bills defense just enough that they can keep it within 12.

Broncos (-9) over Raiders
The Broncos have always had the great defense and running game, but even Jake Plummer is starting to play better. And if Jake Plummer is above average at all, the Broncos are probably the second best team in the AFC.

Saints (+4.5) over Steelers
I know the Steelers are the defending champs, but they're 2-6 and haven't really been playing that well at all. Even in Pittsburgh, I'll take the Saints to at least cover here.

Rams (+3) over Seahawks
Seneca Wallace has been holding down the fort very well for the Seahawks, but the Rams know if they lose this, their shot for a division title will look very slim.

Cowboys (-6.5) over Cardinals
Cardinals suck right now. Plain and simple.

Giants (-1) over Bears
When Rex Grossman has time to throw, he's an All-Pro. When the defense can consistently get some type of pressure on him, he becomes one of the worst QBs in the League. With the Bears running game looking pretty average, I expect the Giants to bring the pressure and rattle Rex.

Bucs (+9.5) over Panthers
The Panthers have just been too maddeningly inconsistent for me to take them with this line. I expect Tampa to keep this game relatively close at the very least.

Last Week: 4-10
Season: 56-66-6