Sunday, 19 November 2006

Who deserves to be #2?

One thing we know for sure is that Ohio St. is in the Championship. But who will join them? Who should join them?

First thing's first... who should join them? In my mind, Michigan is at least the 2nd best team in the country (I think if the game was at a neutral field, they might be the best team in the nation), which would naturally lend credence to the theory that we should have a rematch for the National Title. But doesn't that make the BCS meaningless? The whole point of the BCS is to make regular season games have meaning, but if OSU/Michigan meet up again, doesn't that render the regular season game meaningless?

I still don't see why a playoff isn't perfectly logical. If I remember correctly, the reasoning is that the NCAA doesn't want to pull the players out of school anymore than they already are... which is funny because the lowers levels of college football (where I've found players are more academically inclined in general) implement a playoff system just fine. But as always, that makes way too much sense for the NCAA. And they want a lot of money.

But moving on, who will face the Buckeyes for the Title? The obvious choice is USC. They're right behind the Wolverines for #2 in the BCS Standings, and if they beat Notre Dame and UCLA they almost certainly will leapfrog Michigan.

But what if they lose? Does Notre Dame (who beats USC in this hypothetical scenario) or the SEC winner have a shot at passing the Wolverines? Unfortunately for the Irish, I doubt they have a shot. Their best win so far this year is probably Penn St., who has limped their way to 8-4. Not a bad win, but nothing to hang your hat on. Obviously USC would be their big one, but I don't think it'd be enough to bypass a Michigan team that stomped them earlier this year.

So what about the SEC teams? Arkansas would have a tougher road and therefore more impressive ending if they won out, but I think they're just too far back in the standings. But the Gators may not be. They're fairly close, and end with games at Florida St. and against Arkansas in the SEC Championship game. I can envision one scenario where they could pass Michigan: They win out (obviously) and Arkansas beats LSU next week. If Arkansas beats LSU they'll be either 4 or 5 in the polls, which will make an SEC title win for the Gators even more impressive.

So in my not-very-scientific mind USC and Florida are the only teams with a chance to pass Michigan for a chance to play Ohio St. for the Title... a complex process, no? At least one thing seems pretty simple to everyone... this would be a whole lot better and a whole lot more fun with a playoff.