Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Links I Enjoy

I don't really have much to write about today, so I'll do what all good people do in that situation... hand some links out to others more talented than me, at least on this day.

First, a non-sports note... did anyone ever watch the TV show Arrested Development? I just rented a DVD of it and watch the first 6 episodes... great, great show. If you haven't seen it, I implore you to check it out. Er, finish reading this first, then check it out.

Zach from The Big Picture continues his solid work with his blogger interviews, this time with Matt Uffords from With Leather. As with his first one, he really does a great job and it's an interesting look at the blogger with some info you probably didn't know.

Terrell Owens missed the Pro Bowl. Oh darn.

Goodbye Brad Radke, a man of true class. It was a lot of fun watching him pitch for the Twins for so many years, especially this last year when he was in such enormous pain.

Passion & Pride always has all the Sixers news you need... which is good because they're usually too depressing for me to write about these days.

Just another example of why I love Fire Joe Morgan.

The Peter King Manlove Translator. Brilliant.

You have your Mauer Sideburns, now get your Childress Mustache! Just seems like the fitting way to end this.