Sunday, 17 December 2006

NFL Week 15 Recap

Aside from the start of the Tarvaris Jackson Era, some other things did happen this weekend in the NFL. I'll recap in a way that only I can... hit on some things in a mildly sarcastic manner until I get bored. Because that's just the way things work around here.

- So anyway, another example of how I don't understand the NFL. Last week the Saints went into Dallas and absolutely destroyed the [now] 9-5 Cowboys. This week they came back home and lost to the [now] 5-7 Washington Redskins. I suppose that makes perfect sense to someone, somewhere, but not me.

- Joey Harrington: 5/17, 20 yards, 2 INT. Good to have you back!

- I think it's time to remind everyone that the Carolina Panthers were a popular preseason Super Bowl pick. And here they lost 37-3! 37-3! I know Jake Delhomme was out and Chris Weinke sucks... but 37-3?

- Tampa Bay scored 31 points on the Chicago Bears? Rex Grossman bails out the Bears defense and special teams? The NFL can be so weird sometimes.

- It looks like Andy Reid has finally discovered that a run game is not such an evil thing... 19 carries for Brian Westbrook, 8 more for Correll Buckhalter, another win for the Philadelphia Eagles. Coincidence? Well, maybe. But I tend to think not.

- As I predicted, another loss to Tennessee for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 2/3 of their losses this year are to either Tennessee (quietly 7-7) or Houston (not so quietly sucking again). And Vince Young didn't even need any late-game heroics this week.

- Oakland's offense sucks badly. No need to expound on that. They're just awful, and yet somehow they were favored this week. Um, yeah.

- At least Brett Favre didn't disappoint. 0 TD, 3 INT. And the Packers still beat the Lions. Please Detroit, I beg you, keep Matt Millen around as long as possible!

- Yay for the NFL!