Thursday, 28 December 2006

NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 17

My final week of mediocrity as I continue my quest for .500. I need a superhuman effort here, which probably won't happen, but youneverknow. Let me hold onto my dreams. I have a simple strategy in place... if a team that has something to play for is playing a team that has nothing to play for, I'll usually pick them.

Giants (-2.5) over Redskins
The Giants were my preseason NFC Super Bowl pick, so maybe this is just me holding out hope that that can somehow come through. But still, they have some talent, how do the Giants lose 6 of 7 games?

Bengals (-6) over Steelers
See: something to play for/nothing to play for rationale.

Titans (-3) over Patriots
I didn't think I'd be taking the Titans to cover when they were favored against the Patriots this season, but funny things happen. Funny things such as Vince Young being really good and the Titans winning a lot. And the Patriots having the division locked up.

Raiders (+12.5) over Jets
That's a pretty wide point margin, and the Raiders defense is ok. Jets will win, but I like the Raiders to at least keep this one reasonably close.

Vikings (+2.5) over Rams
Part homer pick. I can't pick against the Vikings when they're the underdogs at home!

Jaguars (+2) over Chiefs
Jags against a good team? That's worked out pretty well for them so far.

Seahawks (+3.5) over Bucs
Neither team has anything to play for... even though Seattle will probably rest some starters the Bucs just aren't very good.

Lions (+12.5) over Cowboys
This goes under the "the NFL is too weird to pick the favorite with this big of a spread" rationale. Hey, it makes sense to me at least.

Texans (-4) over Browns
Charlie Frye wasn't exactly a Pro Bowler, but at least he was better than Derek Anderson. The Browns lost by 15 points last week to Tampa Bay. The Texans beat the Colts. If all is right with the world, that should mean something.

Panthers (-3) over Saints
See: something to play for/nothing to play for rationale.

Broncos (-10.5) over 49ers
See: something to play for/nothing to play for rationale.

Chargers (-13.5) over Cardinals
Even the Chargers backups are good enough to cover the spread against the Cards.

Colts (-9) at Dolphins
Colts should be playing angry after an embarrassing loss to the Texans last week... plus, it doesn't hurt that the Dolphins options at QB are Joey Harrington and Cleo Lemon.

Falcons (+8) over Eagles
I just like the Falcons to be able to cover in this game. It doesn't make sense because of the way the two teams are playing, just the gut feeling I have.

Bills (+9.5) over Ravens
The Ravens look like they have the 2 seed in the AFC, which is nice. But the Bills are a scrappy team that has been playing pretty well. I'm not sure they'll be able to beat the Ravens in Baltimore, especially if the Ravens starters play, but I like them to cover in this game.

Packers (+3) over Bears
See: something to play for/nothing to play for rationale.

Last Week: 8-7
Season: 101-110-8