Thursday, 22 February 2007

Coors Field

I've always been a little fascinated by Coors Field because it's so different from anything we have in most sports. Here's a stadium that just completely changes the game and the style of play of the teams, as well as the way the team is set up. I mean, think about it... in basketball, football, etc. every court of field is exactly the same. Not so in the MLB, and Coors is the prime example of that because of the thin air. It's really quite interesting. Also, I've been there once, so that was cool.

So got to thinking about the best way for the Rockies to utilize the field, as has no doubt been thought up by them. But in case it hasn't, I give you full permission to use my advice Colorado Rockies (also, I am looking for a job)!

The Rockies can definitely take advantage of the high altitude in Denver, but not in the way everyone thinks. Most people think HRs when they think of Coors Field, but that's a little short-sighted.

To combat the high altitude, the walls are deep at Coors Field. Consequently, the outfielders are usually playing very deep. So what does that do? It leaves the gaps wide open, and allows for lots of extra base hits.

So what's the best way for the Rockies to take advantage of the high altitude? Get doubles hitters, because they should just be able to go nuts in Coors. And this is basically what is happening. Garrett Atkins hit 48 doubles last year, Matt Holliday had 45, and Todd Helton had 40. Good doubles hitters thrive in Coors.

Pitching-wise, you have to find groundball pitchers, because anything hit in the air will sail. But, you can't hit homeruns off a groundball.

So this is how the Rockies can take advantage of Coors Field... doubles hitters and groundball pitchers. It's a tough ballpark to play in, but if you can effectively utilize, you can make yourselves tough to beat there.

Agree? Disagree?