Monday, 5 February 2007

Super Bowl Commercials

Overall, I thought the commercials were ok, but not great. There were no great commercials, but there were a decent amount of funny ones crunched in there between CBS promotions. You can watch most of them here on Youtube, but I'll give my thoughts on some of them I either liked or disliked.

Sierra Mist "Bad Decision"
This was just kind of creepy... Sierra Mist, preferred by guys that wear short shorts and have combover beards everywhere!

Bud Light "Rock Paper Scissors"
This was a solid commercial. Not great, but it was good, cheap humor that made me laugh, and made everyone I was with laugh. Ah, nothing like some good violence to add humor.

Bud Light "Wedding Auction"
This might have been my favorite commercial of the night. I thought it was a pretty good commercial idea to bring in the auctioneer to speed up the wedding to get to the reception. The ending was weak, but I thought this was a pretty good premise that made me chuckle.

Snickers "The Kiss"
I thought this was one of the worst of the night... nothing like a little homophobia to make a commercial! Secondly, since when is ripping off your chest hair the manly thing to do? I thought it was more manly to have chest hair? So many questions, so few answers. Like what were the guys that made this commercial were thinking?

Garmin "Mapzilla"
I enjoyed this one. Simple, corny, but it was funny. I can't explain why it was funny, because it probably shouldn't have been, but I enjoyed it.

Chevy "All-Male Car Wash"
The moral of this commercial is that I should never, ever buy a Chevy. Especially if that's the reaction I'm going to get for it. "Bad Day in the Office"
These were all kind of similar from Careerbuilder, but I enjoyed these as well. Pretty simple idea, pretty overdramaticly done, but they got their point across well and made me laugh.

Doritos "Cleanup on Register 6"
This actually kinda makes me never want to eat Doritos ever again.

Bud Light "Slap Fight"
Another good commercial here. Once again, gratuitous violence usually aids in making a funny commercial, and this was the case here. Even if there was no storyline, just a bunch of people slapping each other probably would have made me chuckle.

GM "Robot Unemployment"
As was noted other places, this was actually a sad representation of the state of the U.S. automaking industry. Anyway, what I gathered from this is that GM keeps their employees under so much pressure that they will be fired with even the tiniest of screwups, at which point their life will be ruined and they will commit suicide. That's nice.

Taco Bell "Lions"
I'll just quote this review:

I want to do a mini-poll on the least believable premise espoused in this commercial: 1. That people would be eating Taco Bell food out in the plains in Africa; 2. That lions speak English, much less argue over how to pronounce Spanish words; or 3. That any of this will make you more likely to eat at Taco Bell.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance "K-Fed"
This one was talked about a lot even before the Super Bowl, and it was decently funny. Not great, especially since I knew the punchline going in, but it was not bad.

Bud Light "Bottle Opener"
This was probably my favorite one of the night. "He has an axe." "Yeah, but he has Bud Light." "And an axe." "I'm sure there's a reason for it." Ridiculous comedy that I had a very good chuckle at. If you pressed me on it, I would say that this was my favorite commercial of the night.

Flomax "Here's to Guys"
And this gets my vote for the creepiest Super Bowl commercial. Not even a contest.