Sunday, 11 February 2007

NBA or NCAA Basketball?

In an effort to get to know my readers better, which do you prefer, the NBA or NCAA Basketball?

I ask because often I am thinking of something to write, and there are times where I could probably write about either/or. Since I'm all about you, the reader (or at least that's what I tell you!), I was wondering which you prefer? And then, because I can, here are what I think the positives and negatives of each are:

Positives: the most skilled players in the world, extremely competitive playoff games, best athletes in the world doing unbelievable things with the basketball.

Negatives: players sometimes don't seem to try that hard at times during the regular season, too much isolation.

Positives: great atmosphere, many different styles, players trying hard every game, the NCAA Tournament, the Cinderalla team.

Negatives: the players aren't as talented, lots of players can be hard to keep track of and follow.

Personally, I prefer the NCAA slightly. More than one person has complained to me that there are too many teams and players and it's impossible to follow... but that's what I love about the NCAA. With so many players and teams, there is always something new to learn, and there are so many different styles of play. With all the different coaches, there are hundreds of new schemes, styles of play, and all the rest. That is why I love college basketball. That, and the NCAA Tournament is by far the best sporting event one earth.

But enough about me. I ask you, the reader, which do you prefer... the NBA or NCAA Basketball?