Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Links and stuff

Since it's been a long day and I don't really feel like, well, writing anything, I thought I'd do the next best thing... link to good stuff. Subjectively speaking.

First off, I put some cool stuff (I think it's cool at least) up at Sports Videos, specifically I have started up a Gus Johnson section. The man is good.

Is it really only 21 more days to March Madness? The best time of the year!

Here's something I know Josh over the Double-A Zone was really excited about: The 3-Minute Drill. Check it out if you get a chance. And just check out the Double-A Zone in general. It's not easy to cover all divisions and all sports of the NCAA, but Josh does a great job on touching on a lot of different, interesting topics.

You may as well go check out Deadspin... I guarantee you'll find something interesting over there, or I'll refund your money.

Just Call Me Juice is already calling an early round Ohio St. exit from the Big Dance... and there's definitely some merit there. Let me also take the time to announce that Just Call Me Juice is becoming one of my favorite blogs for quality college basketball action.

I know you've always wondered what the wackiest baseball injuries of the 90s were... well, now you know.

This is a little older, but The Big Picture's interview with Dan Shanoff (former Daily Quickie writer now with his own blog) was one of the most fascinating things I've read in a while. I implore you to read it, because it's excellent.

Norv Turner... luckiest coach on Earth.

Enjoy these links... I'll try to do better the next time.