Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Jay Bilas like my questions

OK, this is about the worst thing in the world to be proud about, but I just wanted to brag about my chat-asking skills. From Jay Bilas' chat today:

Jon (ND): What do you think Winthrop might be looking at in terms of seeding if they win the Big South? How far can they go in the Tourney?

Jay Bilas: (3:47 PM ET ) If the Eagles got a 13, they can win. a 15 or 14 would be much tougher. Seeding is a big deal for a Big South team.

Jon (ND): Lay it all on the line Jay... if you had to choose today, who's your pick for national champion?

Jay Bilas: (3:48 PM ET ) Kansas and UCLA would be my final. But who knows? I have not seen any brackets yet.

Jay Bilas: (3:50 PM ET ) Thanks everybody!! I have to go! See you next week.

I should also mention that I've had questions answered by Mel Kiper (multiple times!), Billy Beane, Rob Neyer (multiple times!), and others. If that doesn't qualify me to write a sport blog, I'm not sure what does!