Monday, 18 June 2007

Draft entry winners and losers

With Monday being the final day for college players to decide whether to stay in the draft or go back to school, I thought it'd be interesting to take a look at the winners and losers of the day:


Jeff Green - It would have been really cool to watch him at Georgetown for another year, but realistically I don't think he would have really improved his stock. As it is he's a definitely lottery choice, and probably a solid chance of going in the top 10. He has the overall skill set to come in and help immediately and he'll be off the board sometime in the first 12 picks. Seems like a good choice to stay in the draft.

Devon Hardin - A lot of the talk was that he was staying in the Draft, but he pulled out the last minute. He probably would have been a first rounder, but I still like this move for him. With a full year of playing (which he didn't have this year), he might even be able to move into the lottery next year in a much weaker draft. It delays the payday a little bit, but it should make it a little bigger.

Thaddeus Young - He probably won't go in the Lottery, but I still like the move for him. With Javaris Crittenton leaving for the draft, he might have had more trouble next year getting the ball, which could have hurt his stock. He'll be a solid pick in the 15-20 range.


JamesOn Curry - Oklahoma St. will still be a solid team, but they could have possibly been Big 12 title contenders with Curry, who will instead go to the draft. Curry will not be a first round pick, and might not even be a 2nd round pick. There is still hope for the Cowboys that Curry does not get drafted and doesn't sign an agent, leaving him open to returning, similar to what Randolph Morris did for Kentucky.

Tim Miles - The former coach at NDSU will face a stiffer rebuilding job at Colorado St. with the loss of talented big men Jason Smith, who is shooting up draft boards. The loss certainly wasn't unexpected, but it's still a big one.

Who do you think were the biggest winners and losers?