Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Who do these NBA Draft Prospects compare to?

With the Draft a week away, I'll bring out an idea for a post I did last year and had fun with, so I'll bring it out again. Who do some of these NBA Draft prospects compare to in the NBA?

Acie Law: My Comparison - Sam Cassell - In my mind, Law is a lot like Cassell. As he showed at Texas A&M, Law is not afraid to take any big shots (as he routinely knocked them down), similar to Cassell. Also, neither guy really relies on their athleticism. Law is still fairly athletic, but he relies more on his smarts at the PG spot. Both guys are also deadly midrange shooters.

Spencer Hawes: My Comparison - Brad Miller - Hawes reminds me of Miller because neither guy is going to be good based on their physical skills or their strength, but they are really good finesse type players. Hawes can score on the post, but he won't overpower you down there. He's decently quick and has a great touch around the rim. But he reminds me a lot of Miller because he can take his jumpshot out to 15-18 feet and is still a very good passer. Maybe you can't run an offense through him but he's going to be a very good complimentary player.

Al Horford: My Comparison - Chris Webber - Horford reminds me of Webber because he doesn't really have one thing that he does great, but he does everything really well. He can score some on the block, he can hit the midrange jumper, he's a good rebounder, solid defender, and really good passer out of the post. He's just a really good all-around player ready to contribute right away.

Joakim Noah: My Comparison - Anderson Varajeo - I think Noah's offensive game is a little more advanced, but he reminds me a lot of Varajeo. Both are hustle players, solid defensively and good rebounders. Like Varajeo, Noah isn't going to be a really good offensive player, but he can be a very good role player, because he's unselfish offensively, good on the offensive glass, and solid defensively.

Brandan Wright: My Comparison - Amare Stoudemire - Wright reminds me of Stoudemire because both guys are just really explosive around the rim. More often than not, they'll get the ball inside and they're so athletic and quick that they can get to the rim to finish before the defender can stop them. Wright is also a very good rebounder and help defender. To be able to reach Amare's level, Wright will need to continue to develop a midrange type game, which he doesn't really have yet. But then, Amare didn't have that either when he first came into the NBA.

Greg Oden: My Comparison - Alonzo Mourning - Oden kind of reminds me of Mourning in his prime, only with a lot more potential. Oden is immediately going to be one of the best defensive centers in the game with his quickness and shot blocking ability. He also showed just a bit of that offensive potential in the championship against Florida. He should be very quick there, and now he's able to finish with either hand. Oden will be dominant sooner rather than later.

Kevin Durant: My Comparison - Dirk Nowitzki - Nowitzki is the guy that most reminds of Durant, but the comparison has a lot of flaws. Like Dirk, Durant is great on the perimeter and excellent posting up. But the comparison breaks down because Durant is also very good at getting to the basket and finishing there, which Dirk is not as good at. Durant also has the tools to be a great defensive player with his quickness and wing span.

Mike Conley: My Comparison - Chris Paul - Conley isn't quite ready to make the splash that Paul did as a rookie, but I think he has a lot of the same tools. Neither guy has a great jumper, but more are extremely quick with the ball and adept at getting to the rim. Also, both guys are gifted passers with extraordinary vision. Furthermore, both guys have really quick hands defensively which allows to get a lot of steals.

Corey Brewer: My Comparison - Josh Howard - I think these guys are similar offensively, but Brewer is better defensively and has a higher ceiling as a defender than Howard. Brewer was the best perimeter defender in the nation last year and that should translate immediately in the NBA. Offensively, I think Brewer is like Howard because both guys have good (but not great jumpshots) but they can get to the rim and score in a lot of different ways. I think Brewer could eventually be a 15-20 PPG scorer while being a great defender.

Arron Afflalo: My Comparison - Raja Bell - As a UCLA guy, I have to take a look at Afflalo. I liken him to Bell because I think Afflalo will be a really good role player like Bell. The thing about Bell is that he can play defense well and hit jumpshots. That's about all he does and that's what Afflalo can do. I think Bell is a better outside shooter, but Afflalo is a little better off the dribble. In either case, I think Afflalo has a shot to eventually become a solid starter on a good team like Bell is.

Do you think these comparisons are good? Who would you compare these guys to?