Tuesday, 26 June 2007

More NBA Draft Thoughts

After giving my NBA mock draft yesterday, I figured I could post a few more thoughts of mine heading into the draft, because, well, that's sort of what this blog is for.

If I had a draft board, I would probably have it ranked something like this:
1. Greg Oden
2. Kevin Durant
3. Al Horford
4. Yi Jianlin
5. Corey Brewer
6. Mike Conley
7. Brandan Wright
8. Jeff Green
9. Joakim Noah
10. Al Thornton
11. Spencer Hawes
12. Julian Wright
13. Rodney Stuckey
14. Nick Young
15. Thaddeus Young

My Overrated List:
1. Acie Law - He was a fantastic player in college, but I do have some doubts about his pro potential. He is not that athletic (especially for a PG), and he doesn't have great range on his shot. I think he can be a solid player, but I'm not sure if he'll ever be a really good starting PG.
2. Javaris Crittenton - I do like him as the 2nd best pure PG in the draft, but I'm not sure he's worthy of going in the Lottery. He had some problems with decision making, though that might just be attributed to being a freshman in the ACC.
3. Julian Wright - He's kind of a poor man's Jeff Green in my mind. I do like his game, but he's not that big (strength wise) to play on the post, and his jumpshot is questionable. He does a lot of things really well, but again I'm not sure if he's suited to be a good NBA starter.

My Underrated List:
1. Rodney Stuckey - He's from Eastern Washington which makes some people dismiss him a little because of the competition, but I really like his game. He's a bit of a tweener, but there have been lots of guys like that having success in the NBA lately. I think he'd be a great pick for Detroit at 15, which is I think where he's headed.
2. Jason Smith - Not too many guys know him well, but he's an athletic big man who rebounds well and has decent range on his jumpshot.
3. Marco Bellinelli - The Italian who is pretty much ready to play right away. He's got a good jumpshot and has shown improved athleticism.
4. Jared Dudley - In the class of Paul Millsap and former teammate Craig Smith as far as really solid players that will contribute, but slip because the lack of athleticism. Dudley is a bit of a tweener, but he was just so productive, I can't see him NOT being a solid role player in the NBA.

Your thoughts?