Sunday, 17 June 2007

If John Kruk wrote for this blog

This is something I'm trying that or may not become a regular feature on here... I'll see how it goes.

So you probably all saw that little fight in Chicago after Chris Young beaned Derrek Lee. A lot of people will say that's terrible that there is fighting, but I disagree. That's just great entertainment. Chris Young and Derrek Lee shouldn't get suspended for that, they should get a bonus. Ditto for Lou Piniella and his antics a couple weeks ago. That's just great entertainment.

Another huge piece of news that may have flown under your radar this weekend was that the Cardinals had to put David Eckstein on the DL. If you look up grit and determination in the dictionary, Eckstein's picture would be there (as long as the dictionary has been recently updated). Losing him is an even bigger loss for the Cardinals than Albert Pujols would be. Pujols may be more talented, but who would you rather face in the 9th inning in a tie game? I'd rather role the dice with Pujols than take on the Eckster.

I see the Yankees are still 8.5 games back even after their recent hot streak. Just goes to show that you can't buy championships. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a gamer like Scott Brosius playing 3B than Alex Rodriguez.

I know Joe Borowski has an ERA north of 6 and a WHIP of 1.52, but he should be an All-Star, because he's still had the internal fortitude to pick up 20 saves so far this year. Seeing a guy like that is a lot more impressive to me than a guy like JJ Putz, who just sails through all of his innings in dominating fashion. The high ERA and WHIP shows me that Borowski is not afraid to pitch in tough spots, and that's what you need. There's nobody I'd rather have pitching the 9th than that guy.

Note: None of the following was actually said or written by the Krukster. But it sounds like something he'd say.