Tuesday, 9 October 2007

College Football Power Rankings - 10/10

They're back! And better than ever. Maybe. I do my rankings a little differently... I try not to weigh too much things like whether a team had one fluky loss. That doesn't mean they're worse than teams who haven't played anyone yet. You'll see what I mean.

1. LSU - Obviously a no doubter after their comeback win against Florida. Great defense, playmakers on offense. Save a potential rematch with Florida in the SEC Title game, I think they've passed their stiffest test in the regular season.

2. California - Have to give them credit... I'm still impressed by the road win at Oregon. That's a great win. They have the offensive talent to run the table.

3. Ohio St. - They haven't really played anyone yet (depending on your thoughts on Purdue), but they've looked really good doing it. They've allowed 7.2 PPG this year. And Chris Wells is really, really good.

4. South Florida - They had a little trouble with FAU, but with wins against West Virginia and at Auburn, they get a pass. I can't realistically see them running the table, but they're a very solid team.

5. USC - Yes, it was a really, really bad loss. But USC is still a very good football team. This is a team that some (not me, but some) were calling one of the most talented teams ever before the season began. That doesn't change just because they looked really bad for one game. They're still going to be in the thick of things, I think.

6. Oklahoma - Very good win over a talented Texas team. Like USC, they hit a bump in the road, but they'll be fine. If they can get by Missouri at home, it looks like smooth sailing all the way to the Big 12 title game.

7. Oregon - One of the most talented offensive teams in the country. Not many QB-RB duos that are more explosive than Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart. If they can take care of business against Washington and Washington St., they should head into a home battle with USC in 2 weeks playing for a top 5 ranking. Maybe even more.

8. Florida - They are out of the top 10 in both polls, and I just don't understand it. They go to LSU, the consensus #1 team in the country, and have them on the ropes before losing 28-24, and they're not one of the 10 best teams in the country? I disagree.

9. West Virginia - Like Oklahoma and USC, one loss is one loss. They're still a very dangerous football team.

10. South Carolina - Kentucky was really overrated, but they still beat the #8 team pretty solidly. I'm not crazy about them, but you can't argue with what they've done so far.


Boston College - It's good to be from BC right now. 3 weeks ago they were in the low-twenties. Then they beat Army, UMass, and Bowling Green at home, and suddenly they're the 4th best team in the country? (at least, according to the polls) Sorry, I don't buy it. I love Matt Ryan's game, but this is not the 4th best team in the country. Not even close.

Missouri - Great win against Nebraska... if they can go to OU and win this week, they might even be on track for the national title. Seems strange to think about.

Virginia Tech - They certainly have recovered nicely. Excellent win against Clemson.

Your thoughts? What would you change?