Monday, 8 October 2007

Fantasy Football Sleeper: Mewelde Moore

If you have an extra roster spot on your roster teams, strongly consider picking up Mewelde Moore. Right now he's the 3rd string RB for the Vikings that has been inactive for 2 of their 4 games this year. But pay no attention to that. He could be the starting RB for the Bucs pretty soon.

The Vikings and Bucs have been in talks, and it's almost too logical. Moore is a FA after this year, and he won't get much (any?) playing time behind Chester Taylor and AD. Meanwhile, the Bucs are in the middle of a playoff race, and their top 2 RBs are hurt. A deal HAS to be done. My guess is that a deal eventually does get done (with the Bucs sending a 5th rounder).

When that happens and if Moore starts, he should be a solid fantasy option. As someone that has watched every one of his games, he's solid. He's not a great RB, but he's productive. He's not a burner, but he's shifty, surprisingly tough to bring down, and he catches the ball a ton out of the backfield (which is perfect for the TB offense).

In 4 years, he has a career 4.9 YPC. Some of that is in garbage time, sure, but that's still really good. Playing mostly part-time roles, he has almost 3 catches a game for his career. He can be even more productive in that area if he gets consistent playing time.

So trust me, if you have an extra roster spot, take a look at getting Mewelde Moore. It makes too much sense for a deal not to be made, and he should be really productive if he gets playing time.