Tuesday, 2 October 2007

MLB Playoff Predictions

Yes, it is officially October. I'm studying for an Accounting test (which seems to be a constant thing for me!), so just my moderately quick picks for round 1. And I say this will full confidence and knowledge that the playoffs are an absolute crapshoot. Such is life.


Red Sox over Angels in 4 - I don't know, just not a huge fan of the Angels. I think the Red Sox are just a much better team. Their records were only 2 games apart, but the Sox Pythagorean record was a whopping 13 games better than the Angels. The Red Sox look like a pretty complete team.

Indians over Yankees in 5 - I've kind of been on the Yankees bandwagon all year, but I think their bullpen is a bit shaky. They have Rivera, and Joba has been lights out since being called up, but who else do they turn to? I think this will be their undoing.


Phillies over Rockies in 5 - The Rockies are a much better home team than they are road team (12 game difference). The Phillies are a better home team than they are a road team. I think this will be a big factor in the series. But let me say I am pretty excited for this matchup, especially seeing the Rockies back in the postseason. I'm actually really excited to see all of these new teams in the National League playoffs.

Cubs over Diamondbacks in 4 - I think the Cubs are a little more of a complete team. Better pitching, and the offense seemed to get a little better at the season went along. Plus, the Diamondbacks were outscored by 20 runs this season... they can't win a playoff series with a differential like that, can they? (ok, I pretty much just guaranteed they will. and i'm ok with that)

What are your picks?