Monday, 2 October 2006

2006 MLB Playoff Predictions

Let's jump right in:


Yankees vs. Tigers - Honestly, I just can't see the Tigers beating the Yankees. The Yankees have the best lineup possibly ever, and the Tigers pitching has not been the same as it was in the first half of the year. The Tigers lineup is impatient, which should play into the hands of the Yanks starters. Plus, Detroit has to be feeling down after being swept by the Royals to lose the division. YANKEES IN 3.

Twins vs. Athletics - I previewed this more extensively elsewhere, but I do think the As are getting disrespected a little bit. Zito-Loaiza-Harden-Haren can be a very good rotation, and the bullpen is very solid. However, the Twins still have Johan, and he's pretty good. Plus, if it gets down to the 7th inning and the Twins have runners on and they have to get Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau, who do they go with? I'm not sure either. TWINS IN 5.


Padres vs. Cardinals - The Cardinals limp into the playoffs with 1 good starter (who hasn't been all that great lately) and a mediocre bullpen. Meanwhile, the Padres have very solid starting pitching, a reliable bullpen, and a solid lineup. Albert Pujols is unbelievable, but he can't do it without any help. PADRES IN 4.

Mets vs. Dodgers - With Pedro Martinez, the Mets are the clear favorite to win the NL. Without him, they're just another team with mediocre starting pitching. Who's their ace? Tom Glavine and his 4.33 ERA since the AS break? Orlando Hernandez and his 4.66 ERA? The Mets have the best lineup in the NL, but I just don't think they have the starting pitching to get it done against a solid, pesky Dodgers lineup. DODGERS IN 5.


Yankees vs. Twins - Can the Twins score enough runs? That's what it comes down to. Against any pitcher not named Johan Santana, we know the Yankees will get theirs. But can the Twins take advantage of the mediocre starting pitching of the Yanks? Can Boof Bonser and Brad Radke give the Twins 6 good innings and then turn it over to the best bullpen in baseball? As much as I'd love to see it and will be rooting like none other if this matchup does happen, I'm not sure they can. YANKEES IN 6.


Dodgers vs. Padres - All of San Diego's batting stats are a bit skewed because of their home ballpark, but I do think the Dodgers have the better, more balanced offense. Kenny Lofton and Rafael Furcal set the table, and then guys like JD Drew, Nomar Garciaparra, and Jeff Kent are more than capable of bringing them in. Pitching wise, the Padres have the best in the NL, with Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Woody Williams, and even Clay Hensley providing stability. The rotation is so good they don't even know who'll be starting Game 1 yet. They've also got a great bullpen, with Trevor Hoffman, Scott Linebrink, and Cla Meredith. However, the Dodgers pitching is pretty solid as well... which is why they're my slight favorite here. DODGERS IN 7.


Yankees vs. Dodgers - A series only the TV networks could love! Two very solid offenses, two decent pitching staffs. However, I just don't think the Dodgers (or any NL team) has enough pitching or hitting to match up with the Yankees. If the As/Twins don't take out the Yankees, nobody does. I'd put money on that. YANKEES IN 5.