Monday, 23 October 2006

My College Football Top 10

There's so many rankings... AP Poll, BCS Rankings, etc. Well, I figured I'd toss my name in the hat with my top 10. This is just the order of what I think are the top 10 teams in the country.

1. Michigan
I've said before I consider them the best team in the country, and they did nothing to change my mind Saturday. The offense wasn't as explosive with Mario Manningham out again, but the defense was dominant in the 20-6 win over Iowa. Drew Tate didn't get anything going in the passing game, and the Hawkeyes had 41 yards rushing.
2. Ohio St.
The Buckeyes are more like 1A then 2 for me, as they continue to impress on both sides of the ball in a 44-3 drubbing of Indiana. Troy Smith is the best college QB in the nation right now,and they have the playmakers. With games against Minnesota, Illinois, and Northwestern coming up, they'll cruise undefeated into the game with Michigan.
3. West Virginia
What a running game. I know Pat White isn't a very good passer, but he doesn't have to be in this offense. I know that West Virginia hasn't really played anyone, but their closest margin of victory this year was 17 points. That's good. I think the combo of White and Slaton (#2 in the Heisman running now) is enough to put them above USC as they head into Louisville in 2 weeks.
4. USC
How impressive does that season-opening thrashing of Arkansas look now, with the Razorbacks running through the SEC? The talent is there for the Trojans, they just need consistency from the young guys. They should have two relatively easy games as they head down the home stretch, which includes games against Oregon, Cal, and Notre Dame.
5. Florida
Theoretically, Auburn should be above Florida because they beat them, but I still think Florida is the better team and would win on a neutral field, which is why they're at #5. With a game against a suddenly anemic Georgia team this week, Gators look let to cruise to the SEC East Title, barring upset. And that season-ending date with the Seminoles is always a good one too.
6. Texas
Let's make one thing clear, Nebraska is a very solid team, especially playing at home. Texas got the break with the Huskers fumble late, but they still played a good ballgame. Colt McCoy continues to look extremely impressive... making plays throwing and running the ball, and not making big mistakes. And I think Limas Sweed is starting to put his name in there as one of the best WR in the nation.
7. Auburn
I don't think anyone would mind seeing a Florida/Auburn rematch in the SEC Title Game, but Arkansas might have a little something to say about that. Auburn has to win out to have a shot, and with their conference games remaining being against Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama, they have a great shot at that.
8. Louisville
Louisville is not nearly as explosive without Michael Bush in the lineup, but they're still very dangerous. Brian Brohm is excellent, the receivers are dangerous, and Kolby Smith and George Stripling are doing a good job filling in for Bush. With the offensive firepower of Louisville and of West Virginia, that game in 2 weeks could be the best game of the year.
9. Clemson
Clemson gave one of the most impressive performances I've seen all year on Saturday night. Defensively, they shut down Calvin Johnson, and harrassed Reggie Ball all night. Offensively, well, look at the numbers for the RBs. James Davis ran for 216 yards, CJ Spiller ran for 116 yards and a score, and also caught a 50 yard pass. On that 50-yard TD catch, the moves he put on were ridiculous. He made a couple of GT defenders look foolish trying to tackle him. Huge Thursday night game at Va. Tech this week... after that their last 3 are at home.
10. California
They had a hard time getting by Washington, but it was through no fault of Marshawn Lynch. Lynch ran for 150 yards and 2 scores, including the game-winner in OT. Still, it would worry me some if I were Jeff Tedford in that Washington turned the ball over 5 times (compared to 0 for Cal) and it still took overtime to win the game.

Just missed: Tennessee, Arkansas, Notre Dame