Monday, 16 October 2006

Bears defeat Cardinals

What a weird, wacky game. One of the strangest I've ever seen. With the Bears down 20 points with absolutely no offensive production to speak of, they came back to win. 2 defensive TDs and a Special Teams TD. Unbelievable game, and as a Vikings fan I was even rooting against the Bears! Some of my thoughts:

- If a team forces 6 turnovers and controls the TOP by about 2:1, they have to win the game about 99% of the time, right? Yeah, I think it's correct to say the Cardinals gave this game away (not that the Bears defense and ST wasn't fabulous in the comeback).

- You can officially stop any Rex Grossman for MVP talk... he was atrocious. Just simply awful in every aspect of the game. I realize the O-Line wasn't giving him great protection, but that's no excuse. Terrible decisions, forcing passes downfield into double and triple teams, fumbles, overthrowing guys... I mean, this was an all-around bad effort. As good as he looked for 5 weeks, he looked worse on this week. A lot worse. 14/37, 148 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT, 2 fumbles. Wow.

- On the other hand, I was extremely impressed with Matt Leinart. Making his second start, all he does is play an efficient game against the best defense in the NFL. His receivers had a lot to do with it because they played great, but you can't teach the kind of poise he showed on that last drive. Unfortunately, Rackers spoiled the storybook ending, but Leinart was great.

- The Edge - 36 carres, 55 yards. Bet he misses Indy right about now.

- Devin Hester is a weapon out there. He needs to be used more on reverses and WR screens, I think.

I'm still kinda in shock. Down 23-3, and they didn't score an offensive TD. And they won the game. I've never seen anything like it. And here I thought this was going to be an awful MNF game!

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't provide the YouTube clip of Denny Green "blowing up" after the game talking to the media: