Friday, 27 October 2006

NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 8

Back with the fun game we all like and enjoy, my picks for the NFL games. I've been marred in a large 2 week slump, which has seen me drop all the way down to .500 for the season. Hopefully that changes this week.

Bengals (-3.5) over Falcons
Michael Vick finally was good at passing for one week. On the road against Cincy, I'm not sure he'll duplicate that success in the air. We've been fooled too many times before. I'll take Cincy and the points.

Bucs (+9) over Giants
Giants have been real impressive over the past few weeks, now looking like the best team in the East. But the Bucs have shown they're not quite as bad as they showed in the first 4 weeks. Bruce Gradkowksi has got the offense going a little bit, and the D is starting to play well. I'll take the Bucs to cover the spread, though the Giants to win the game.

49ers (+15.5) over Bears
The last game the Bears played the offense produced absolutely nothing against Arizona. I'm sorry, but I'm not taking them to cover this huge spread, even with how good they looked in the first 5 weeks. Bears are still a great team, but not quite the invincible one they were 2 weeks ago.

Eagles (-7.5) over Jaguars
Two straight heartbreaking losses for the Eagles, as well as seeing their record drop to 4-3 has to be good motivation. Meanwhile, everyone was crowning the Jags as one of the best teams in the NFL after their defense destroyed Pittsburgh on MNF, but they've since struggled. They got pummeled by Houston last week, and now Leftwich won't be playing this week. They're better than they've been playing, but I'll take the Eagles to cover.

Seahawks (+4) over Chiefs
Seneca Wallace didn't look all that good last week, but with a full week of practice he should better. But the better news for Seattle is that Damon Huard is hurt and might not play... it'll be a game-time decision. If he doesn't start, Brodie Croyle will. Last year at this time, Croyle was a decent QB at Alabama. I don't see that ending well.

Texans (+3) over Titans
The Titans have been playing better under the resurgent Travis Henry, but the Texans are starting to get things figured out offensively as well. Wali Lundy ran the ball well last week, and David Carr to Andre Johnson is better than what the Titans can put out there right now. This won't be a real pretty game, but I'll take Houston.

Saints (-1.5) over Ravens
Sorry, still not buying this Steve McNair thing. He just has not been very good so far this year. The Saints, on the other hand, have been playing great offensively. They use the Reggie Bush/Deuce McAllister combo perfectly, Drew Brees is playing excellently, and the receivers are solid. There might not be a more fun offense in the league to watch. At home they've been really, really tough this year.

Packers (-4) over Cardinals
Two mediocre teams. I'll take the home team in this one.

Chargers (-9.5) over Rams
The Chargers should be the best team in the NFL, they have that kind of talent, but they've just been maddeningly inconsistent. Though at home they've been real good... I'll take them to cover against St. Louis in San Diego (anyone know the origin of the name, by the way?)

Colts (+3) over Broncos
I know how good the Broncos defense has been this year. And I know how good their running game is. But I refuse to take a Jake Plummer led team over a Peyton Manning led team, especially when the Jake Plummer led team is favored. Not going to happen.

Jets (+1.5) over Cleveland
I like Romeo Crennel, I like Charlie Frye, but I just don't like the Browns right now. 1-5, and they're averaging 14.7 PPG this year. Now that it appears the Jets have some type of a running game with Leon Washington, I'll take them to win this game.

Steelers (-9) over Raiders
The Raiders are looking like an actual NFL team finally, but the Steelers have to be getting desparate... sitting at 2-4, a win is imperative here. I don't think they'll disappoint.

Cowboys (+6) over Panthers
Everything points to the Panthers here... Romo looked bad last week, Panthers have been playing great since Steve Smith returned, and it's in Carolina. I just have a feeling this will be a close game.

Patriots (-2) over Vikings
I hate picking these Vikings games... I think this will be a real tight and competitive game with either team having a shot to win it. Two very good defenses, two good running games. I'll take New England just because if they win I'll at least have some positive from the game. If the Vikings win, well, I'll be happy to have been proven wrong.

Last Week: 4-8-1

Season: 47-47-6