Sunday, 15 October 2006

NFL Week 6 Recaps

With the Vikings in their bye, I had some more time to flip around between games, which was ok. Anyway, a brief look at all the games will follow. But I'm sure you already guessed that.

Saints 27, Eagles 24 - I think I've been underrating the Saints a lot. I've been overly stingy with them in my predictions, but they have a very good RB in Deuce, a solid, accurate QB, and a plethora of options in the receiving game. As long as the defense is decent, they'll compete for the division title. The revamp in one year's time for the Saints is pretty remarkable.

Lions 20, Bills 17 - Ok, it may be time to start talking about Roy Williams as one of the best WR in the NFL, after hauling in 10 passes for 161 yards and a TD. He's always been extremely talented, but he's missed a few games in each of his first 2 years. If he can stay healthy the rest of the way, he's Honolulu bound. Also an encouraging sign for the Lions is that there was a Kevin Jones sighting! How about that!

Cowboys 34, Texans 6 - Ho hum. TO is still real good, the Texans still can't run the ball. Ron Dayne is just atrociously bad. There's not really much else to say about this game, other than to note that the Texans actually led 6-3 at half.

Panthers 23, Ravens 21 - You heard it here first, the Ravens are better off with Kyle Boller at QB than with Steve McNair at QB. McNair's not mobile anymore, doesn't have good arm strength, and isn't that accurate anymore. McNair is washed up. As for the Panthers, boy, they're pretty good with Steve Smith in there. 189 yards against the Ravens D? That just doesn't happen very often.

Giants 27, Falcons 14 - I am becoming more convinced every game... Michael Vick is not an NFL starting QB. Even after all of these years, he's just not a good passer and doesn't make great decisions in there. I honestly think the Falcons would be a better team with Vick at RB or WR and Matt Schaub at QB.

Titans 25, Redskins 22 - I've been defending the Redskins as a talented team that just needed more time to understand the offense and playbook, but I have a hard time defending them now. I mean, if you're a playoff team, you can't lose at home to the Tennessee Titans. You just can't. I've long said that Drew Bledsoe is not very good at all... well, Brunell is the worst starting QB in the NFC East.

Bucs 14, Bengals 13 - Another impressive performance for Gradkowski. These Bucs aren't all that bad. With a little luck, they'd have beaten 4-2 Carolina and 5-1 Tampa Bay... as for the Bengals, I can't really figure them out right now. Things started off so well, but their last 2 games they've scored 26 points. Not so good for a team that I thought had the 2nd best offense in football.

Seahawks 30, Rams 28 - Deion Branch, good to have you. 2 TD for the Hawks today. Just great efforts by both Hasselbeck and Bulger, but the real star of the game is Josh Brown. 2 49-yarders in the 4th quarter, and then a 54-yarder as time expires... that man has ice in his veins. Figuratively speaking.

Chargers 48, 49ers 19 - It's official, the Bolts are real good. It appears that Marty has loosened the reins fully on Rivers, and that's a very good thing. I realize it was only San Fran, but 29/39 for 334 yards is very nice. If Rivers can provide balance with LT and Turner in the backfield, the Chargers will be real tough to beat with that defense.

Steelers 45, Chiefs 7 - Not really much to say about this one. Pittsburgh just thoroughly dominated every facet of this game. And yeah, there was a reason I didn't like Brodie Croyle in the draft... 3/7, 23 yards, and 2 INT. Tough debut.

Jets 20, Dolphins 17 - Until the Jets packed it in sometime in the 4th, very nice game for them. Pennington was solid and got some big plays, and the Barlow/Washington duo provided balance in the running game. The positive for Miami is that they finally got Ronnie Brown on track, which is probably a good sign in the long run. Unfortunately, there's not many positives in falling to 1-5.

Broncos 13, Raiders 3 - A win's a win, but it wasn't all that impressive for Denver. If the Raiders were merely awful instead of terribly, completely awful, this would have been a tight game. Instead, the Raiders shot themselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers. Hey, it's the Art Shell Way.

Bears/Cards on Monday Night. I project the Bears to win by about 25. They're that good right now.

And that's your Week 6.