Sunday, 15 April 2007

My 2007 NBA "Other" Awards

The playoffs start in a week or so, so I figured that was enough for me to give my awards. I like to devote a little more time (and length) to my MVP ballot, so I'll save that for tomorrow. Today I'll just give my awards for everything else.

Coach of the Year

1. Sam Mitchell
2. Jerry Sloan
3. Avery Johnson

Mitchell has done a fantastic job with the Raptors this year (in conjunction with the arrival of Bryan Colangelo). Toronto was 27-55 a year ago, but will have anywhere from 47-49 wins this year. Sloan and Johnson have both done admirable jobs in the tougher West, but Mitchell gets the nod for me.

Rookie of the Year
1. Brandon Roy
2. Rudy Gay
3. Andrea Bargnani

No real competition here, as Roy has definitely been the best rookie. Bargnani was showing great improvement until the injury, but still did enough to get the 2 spot on my list. Rudy Gay has done a little bit of everything, and gets the 2 spot.

Most Improved Player

1. Kevin Martin
2. Al Jefferson
3. Monta Ellis

Tons of great candidates, but these three stick out the most to me. Don't look now, but Kevin Martin is avergaing over 20 PPG this year. He's a good shooter, gets to the line often, and doesn't take bad shots. Meanwhile, Al Jefferson has been one of the few bright spots for the Celts, as he has established himself as one of the best young posts in the NBA. Monta Ellis has thrived under Don Nelson's system.

Defensive Player of the Year
1. Marcus Camby
2. Tim Duncan
3. Emeka Okafor

Camby has managed to stay pretty healthy this year, which is usually a large problem. But he's a very good shot blocker, good help defender, and great rebounder. Tim Duncan tends to get overlooked, but he's just really, really solid for a traditionally great defensive team. Okafor, as usual, is very good defensively, nodding out guys like Bruce Bowen and Shawn Marion.

Sixth Man of the Year
1. Manu Ginobili
2. Leandro Barbosa
3. Jerry Stackhouse

Ginobili came off the bench more games than he started, qualifying him for the 6th man. He's just really good and efficient offensively, and sneaky defensively. I've mentioned how much I love Barbosa's game on this blog many times, but I think Ginobili is a little better. Stackhouse does a little bit of everything for the Mavs, which makes me put him #3.

Who are your picks?