Monday, 30 April 2007

NBA Playoff Action

A couple of really good games on Monday... also, the Cavs swept the Wizards. Glad that's over. Although Antawn Jamison was really good in a losing effort for the Wiz. But here are my thoughts from the other 2 games:

- I think that whoever winds up winning the Houston/Utah series, neither of them will be able to hang with the winner of Dallas/Golden State. Not enough offensive firepower for either team, and I'm not sure they can even come close to matching the pace of those teams. Yao Ming was looking extremely gassed at the end of this one... how would he feel playing the Warriors pace?

- It's been said before, but I just love watching Shane Battier and Chuck Hayes play. Ditto for Paul Millsap, who is really good.

- Rockets take the series lead 3-2... I kinda think this is going to be one of those series where the home team wins every game. In other words at this point I'll take Houston in 7.

- Coming into the playoffs I thought the Spurs were going to win it all, and I see nothing to change my mind now. Beating Denver in a must-win situation for the Nuggets in Denver is great. That's really an excellent win.

- Where did the JR Smith that averaged nearly 16 PPG before the All-Star break go? Yeesh, he looks awful out there.

- Nene and Camby, on the other hand, were brilliant.

- As always, nothing flashy for the Spurs, but they get it done. They made the plays they had to down the stretch, and just got it done. That's fun to watch.

Golden State @ Dallas Tuesday night at 8:30 PM CDT... be there or be square. Mavs will come out firing. I don't think we've seen the end of them quite yet.