Monday, 23 April 2007

NFL Draft Predictions

I already know I'm going to be too lazy to do a mock draft, so I figured I should just give some of my predictions and thoughts... I might have some more as we get closer to the Draft, but here's my thoughts for now:

As of now, my WR rankings:
1. Calvin Johnson - Nothing needs to be said.
2. Ted Ginn - He seems to be dropping, but he's just explosive with the ball. Whether he's getting a handoff, making a catch, or returning a kick, he is always a threat to score. There are better pure receivers in this draft, but not too many guys that are better playmakers.
3. Robert Meachem - I actually had him ranked high before it was cool to do so. Size, strength, speed... he's a physical specimen.
4. Dwayne Bowe - Another big guy... after CJ, he is the best WR here and going up and getting the ball in traffic.
5. Dwayne Jarrett - Another guy that is dropping like a rock, but I think teams are getting a little carried away. He's compared to Mike Williams because he's from USC and is a little slow, but he's a hard worker, and he knows how to get open and catch the football. I think he'll be just fine as a possession receiver.

- Joe Thomas going fishing instead of going to the Draft... that is awesome.

In a perfect world, here's the rankings of guys I would most want on the Vikings:
1. Calvin Johnson
2. Joe Thomas
3. Adrian Peterson
4. Gaines Adams
5. Laron Landry

- I think whoever takes Michael Bush in round 3 or 4 is going to wind up really happy.

- I know about the Lions and their history with WR... but I'd take Calvin Johnson if he's there at #2. He's the best player in the draft. You can't let past mistakes take you away from doing what is best for the team now.

- I am older than Amobi Okoye.

- I see Drew Stanton going in round 2 or 3 in most mocks, but I just don't see him being successful in the NFL. He's got some talent, and he was playing without much of a supporting cast at MSU, but he was just a little inconsistent for me. I just don't see him ever being a good NFL starter.

What are some of your thoughts?