Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The MLB Season so far

A little over a week into the MLB season, and I haven't really mentioned it at all... until now! Here is some of the good and the bad so far in the MLB season.

Good - The top of the NL East - The Braves are 6-1, Mets are 5-2, and the Marlins are 5-2. Through 7 games, the Mets have outscored their opponents 47-16. That's pretty good.

Bad - The bottom of the NL East - We knew the Nats would be bad (1-7) but the Phillies at 1-6? They're scoring over 4 runs a game, but the pitching staff has mostly embarrassed themselves. Obviously too early to panic or draw too many conclusions, but yikes!

Good - Alex Rodriguez - Can Yankees fans finally shut up about this guy? After being booed after an error in the first game of the year, all A-Rod has done since is hit twice as many HR as anyone in the AL.

Bad - Snow in Cleveland - I need Travis Hafner and Felix Hernandez to play for my fantasy team!

Good - Rich Harden - He's been healthy very early on, and that's about all you need to know. He's always had the talent.

Good - Zach Greinke - After battling lots of problems last year, he has looked like the top prospect he once was in his first 2 starts. His ERA is 1.38, he's got 12 Ks, and he has shown great control with only 1 BB. This hasn't translated into any wins yet, but that's not his fault.

Bad - Kei Igawa - It's just one start, but that can't be encouraging for the Yankees... 5 IP, only 2 Ks to 3 BB, 2 HRA, and 11 total baserunners.

What has stuck out to you most so far?