Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Odds & Ends

I don't really feel like putting a ton of coherent thoughts up, but some things that caught my eye:

- Joey Crawford suspended indefinitely. Bravo David Stern, bravo. Tossing Duncan for laughing (as well as asking him if he wanted to fight) was one of the worst reffing moves I've ever seen. Actually, it probably was the worst. As Tim Duncan said, Crawford wanted his TV time, and he got it. Good riddance.

- Great videos over at The Sports Flow today... this is the stuff I should be putting on Sports Videos, but I've been kind of lazy.

- Refer to WBRS and The Big Picture for expressing similar thoughts as mine as far as all of the events in Blacksburg. Not much to say really. Nothing I write here will be able to accurately convey the tragedy there.

- On a completely different note, I tried to be first on the Francisco Liriano bandwagon, picking him up in all my leagues. This year, my recommendation is to run (stop reading) and go pick up Tim Lincecum right now in all of your leagues. Stash him on the bench, because he should be up soon. In AAA for the Giants, he has thrown 18.2 scoreless innings this year with 14 baserunners allowed and 28 strikeouts. Pick him up immediately.

- Fire Joe Morgan... maybe the best site ever.

That's what I got.