Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Cavs even the series

Some quick thoughts from Game 4:

- This is like deja vu for the Pistons. Last year, after game 2 of the 2nd round, their offense was kind of stagnant for the rest of the playoffs. This year, they dominated the first 2 games against Chicago, and then it was a struggle the rest of the series. Against Cleveland, they have really struggled all series, barely hanging onto the 2 games at home. Last year this all caught up with them in the conference finals, as Miami went on to win the series. This year, I kinda think the same thing will happen... I like Cleveland in 7.

- I am starting the think the Cavs are actually a better team without Larry Hughes (he only played 16 minutes because of injury). They're not as strong defensively without Hughes, but I think their offense is a little better.

- Where is the Chauncey Billups that was always the clutch performer at the end of games? To be blunt, he sucked at the end of this one. First the bad pass and foul, then the awful pull-up 3 on the fast break. Those were two killer plays.

- LeBron making a couple of clutch free throws! Yay!

- I'm not an NBA head coach, but I think Detroit should have at least tried to guard Drew Gooden in the corner. He killed them from there in the last few minutes of the 4th.

- More and more I think that whoever wins this series is going to get lambasted in the Finals... the only hope is if Cleveland wins and LeBron single-handedly makes things interesting. We'll see.

What are your thoughts on the game that was?