Saturday, 19 May 2007

Conference Finals Predictions

The conference finals are here! It's safe to say that my predictions haven't exactly been wildly successful thus far, but, well, persistence is key.

Cavs vs. Pistons
This was a surprisingly close series last year, with the Cavs nearly beating Detroit in 6 before succumbing to the Pistons in 7 games. This year, I think both teams are a little better. LeBron James could stand to try a little harder all the time, but he's still the most gifted player athletically in the League. For Detroit, everything is flowing better. They are getting more ball movement, more everything offensively, and that is making them a better team. If LeBron becomes Superman like he can be during this series, the Cavs have a good shot at winning it. However, I think the Pistons learned something from letting the Bulls back into the last series. PISTONS IN 6.

Jazz vs. Spurs
Everyone seems to be giving this series to the Spurs, but the Jazz are pretty darn good too. They won Game 7 in Houston, then took care of Golden State in a surprisingly quick fashion. They've got great balance, solid defense, great rebounding, and Deron Williams is huge at the PG spot. I think the Jazz are the second best team left in the playoffs. Unfortunately, they're going up against the best team left. The Spurs were kinda my thought to win it all before the playoffs began, and I've seen absolutely nothing to change my mind. They score in a multitude of ways, and they are the best defensive team in the NBA. Utah will have enough to make it a very good series, but the Spurs are a little too good, I think. SPURS IN 6.