Thursday, 10 May 2007

Random Thoughts

First off... school's out for the summer! FINALLY.

Anyway, other random sports thoughts on the day:

- Well it's one thing to be wrong, another to be dead wrong, and that's what I was about the Bulls/Pistons series. It's one thing to lose 2 games on the road, it's another to blow a 19 point lead at home in a virtual must-win. The future is obviously still bright in Chicago, but they don't have to wear shades quite yet.

- This rap might be the best thing ever.

- It appears that Dirk will be named the NBA MVP on Tuesday... obviously, I agree with Dirk as MVP. The MVP is a regular season award, and Dirk was simply the best player during the year. I don't buy the argument that the MVP has to come from a winning team, it was just a coincidence that the best player played on the best team. It usually doesn't work out that way.

- Utah @ Golden State Friday night... the series is 2-0, but (obviously) it has been absolutely fabulous.

- The evidence that Vick is lying about this dog fighting business keeps mounting. Good. If he really was involved (and all evidence seems to point in that direction), hopefully they can get some type of solid case against him.. and even if they can't hopefully Roger Goodell will step in with an iron fist.

(photo from Deadspin, because I just laughed out loud when I first saw that)

- As far as possible 17 games in the NFL regular season talk, I agree with Shot to Nothing... I like things as they are.

- Tiki Barbaro... this is freakin' hilarious. (found via The Big Picture)

Anything stick out to you on this sports Friday?