Sunday, 13 May 2007

Weekend Basketball Action

My thoughts on each of the ongoing series':

Nets/Cavs - This series has some interesting and talented players, but I found that I haven't really gotten into it much. I think it's just the fact that it's in the Eastern Conference makes it less interesting. Regardless, the Cavs have taken a 2-1 series lead on the back of LeBron James, making Game 4 a must-win for New Jersey at home. If they fall behind 3-1 I'm not sure they'll be tough enough to come back. Of course, Jason Kidd is averaging a triple double so far this postseason, which is nice. My only thoughts are that I'm not sure either of these clubs will have the firepower to get by Detroit in the next round.

Pistons/Bulls - And yeah, Chicago may have won Game 4 by 15, but they've got no chance. I saw what I needed to in the 2nd half of Game 3... Detroit is just simply better right now. The score in a variety of ways (as opposed to just jumpshots for the Bulls), and I think they're a little better defensively right now.

Warriors/Jazz - The Jazz have taken a 3-1 lead right now, but I'm not quite ready to stick a fork in the Warriors quite yet. Assuming Jason Richardson isn't suspended for his flagrant foul, Golden State is more than capable of taking Game 5 in Utah. They had two great shots to win there in the first 2 games, and I don't think they'll be lacking any confidence just because they're down 3-1. The Jazz have been extremely impressive and obviously they're the overwhelming favorites right now, but this 3-1 series feels a lot different that the Chicago/Detroit series.

Spurs/Suns - The Spurs rallied to win Game 3, and that seemed to me like a pretty big blow for Phoenix. Phoenix just simply has no answer for Tim Duncan, who has been the most impressive player so far this postseason. Kurt Thomas is trying, but he's just not going to be able to slow him down. Duncan is averaging 32 and 15 so far against Phoenix, to go along with his phenomenal post defense. I love watching Phoenix play, but I just don't see them beating San Antonio 3 out of 4 times.

Your thoughts?