Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I Love TNT

I know this has basically been said ad nauseum, but it bears repeating... the NBA on TNT is awesome. It really it far, far superior to the NBA coverage on ESPN, or any sports coverage anywhere. Everything about the presentation is fantastic. The announcers themselves, the music, the postgame crew, even Craig Sager!

On Monday, they had Shaq in studio. I have to admit, I love the Big Aristotle. I know some don't like him that much, but I've always found him to be hilarious. Tonight, from what I watched of the studio guys (mostly postgame) he didn't add a ton, but it was still funny.

But that wasn't the only good thing. The nightcap (aside from being a great game) had Marv Albert and Steve Kerr announcing, simply the best announcing duo in the NBA. They are great. Working the sidelines was Craig Sager, who had some good stuff tonight. Here are a just a few quotes heard from just the end of the Spurs/Suns and the postgame show.

Craig Sager: "Robert Horry has made a lot of big shots over the course of his career, and some might call this a cheap shot."
Steve Nash: "Oh, good one."

(let me also mention I find Nash to be one of the most entertaining guys in the Association)

Craig Sager: "You looked like you got right up from the ground ready to fight."
Steve Nash: "Yeah I've been working on my guns."

Charles Barkley: "I can't believe he's making these passes left-handed and behind his back."
Ernie Johnson: "Yeah he's only been doing that the last 5 or 6 years."

Just everything about the NBA coverage on TNT is outstanding. The game coverage is far superior to ESPN's, and the pre/postgame crew just unspeakably good. They're constantly hilarious, but they can also be serious and talk about the games. It's a great mix.

To end I'll remember a moment from like last week, when (for some reason or another which they probably mentioned by I think I missed), Kenny Smith was not there for one of the shows. Of course, Charles doesn't miss this opportunity, and starts saying stuff like, "I am so glad you guys fired Kenny."

I am so glad for the NBA on TNT.