Monday, 28 May 2007


With the weather getting nicer, admittedly I'm spending less and less time watching sports and more time, you know, outside doing stuff and enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. So I'll just post my thoughts on some different topics of sports conversation over the weekend.

- First, the Western Conference has been a lot better all year long, and the first 2 rounds of the playoffs were worlds more exciting in the West than the East, but I have found a little more interest in Pistons/Cavs than Jazz/Spurs. Utah and San Antonio is probably a little better played, but the other series has a guy named LeBron James. For all of the slacking LeBron has done this year, he has still turned it on for the playoffs and he's still the most exciting player to watch in the NBA.

- Just to clarify, the fact that LeBron can do things like this is a big reason why he's so great to watch.

- This doesn't even really need to be said, but if you're bored, just go to Fire Joe Morgan and read. Definitely one of the most consistently entertaining sites on the interwebs.

- As more and more evidence piles up against Mike Vick and his knowledge of the dogfighting ring, I hope Roger Goodell is proactive (like he was with Pac-Man Jones) and suspends Vick, even if the law hasn't filed charges yet or the case is still pending. I think he will, and I think that will be the right move.

- I took Roger Clemens in my fantasy baseball drafts at the start of the year with the expectations that he'd be back, so from that standpoint it was good to see that after two OK starts, he was very solid in his AAA start, tossing 6 scoreless innings. But don't get me wrong, the Yankees still suck a lot.

- For the record, of all of the Thursday Debates I've done, I still think the question about who is the 2nd best PG in the NBA is still the most intriguing one. I've still going with Chris Paul, but it's tough to argue with Pacifist Viking who likes Jason Kidd as the best PG in the NBA.

- Spurs lead the series 3-1... assuming their ticket is punched (and I don't see any way the Jazz will win 3 straight), here's hoping the Cavs join them in the Finals.